I’ve lost weight :)

Hello, Ludo here.

Mummy has been spreading my food around the cage for the last couple of weeks. I think I told you she’d taken my bowl away, or maybe Locksley told you.

Most of it goes on my hay, which means it slips down into it. That’s the pellets, which are really yummy. And also the dry herbs Mummy sometimes gives us, and the readigrass, too. They all get a bit mixed up in the hay and I have to search in amongst it to find every piece. That’s really a lot of fun. I was put out when she first did it, but now it’s like hunting for treasure, and then I discover something unexpected.

My green hay, the timothy hay, goes into my hayrack. So I can stand in front of it and pull it through to eat. That’s very nice too. And my breakfast goes in one pile on the floor, and it gets sprinkled with my special magic powder for my insides.

Then there’s my evening cucumber and my joint support biscuit, which Mummy holds out for me to take. Sometimes the cucumber is a bit cold and I drop it. But the biscuit is always yummy. Victor gets one too, for his joints, because he has a bit of arthuritis in his knees. He turns down his metacam (I don’t), so Mummy makes sure he gets a biscuit.

Locksley is getting half a biscuit, because he hasn’t any arthuritis, but he is at an age where he might develop it, and Mummy thinks it’s a good idea. He likes it a lot. He lost weight this week too, which got Mummy worried, but when she saw we had all lost a bit, she said she’d wait and see. I’m not sure what she’ll see, but that’s what she said.

Pippin gets a biscuit, but not the same as ours. He’s too young. He gets a different biscuit with mint in it, but Mummy now makes it looks as if it’s coming from the same bag as ours, and he’s happy with that.

So that’s us. It’s been cold outside this week, and not very warm at night inside, but it’s been fine, and we go into our tunnels and under our hay if we want to be warmer. And Mummy has had the log fire going in the front room for cuddle time. It’s usually very warm there, because she has to close the door to prevent Victor coming in while she’s cuddling me. He can leave his mark everywhere else, though!

See you next week, which is the last week before Christmas. I wonder if we’ll get any presents?



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  1. I think your Mum is very busy making sure you all get just exactly what you need for your food and supplements and medicine. I wish I could lose weight at this time of year – mostly I just put it on from all the cookies and stuff!

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