New cage set up and holiday news

Hello, Ludo here.

We had a lovely peaceful time at the cottage, and although it was thunder and lightning at the start of the week, none of the later storms arrived. It did rain a lot, though. Sometimes Mummy came home and had to take all her clothes off before she did anything else, because she got caught in a downpour. She took some lovely photos of places she went.

We liked the photos of our cottage and its garden best. One day she took each of us in turn into the walled garden where no dogs are allowed. She carried us round in her arms and picked us herbs and leaves every now and then. I think this was one of the days she didn’t go anywhere, because it kept raining. We nipped out between showers. We also had an hour or so out on the grass. It was good.

Pippin didn’t improve his manners any during the stay, although Mummy put his cage on the floor next to Victor’s run, so he could interact with us. She didn’t think solitary confinement would do him any good. Well, I don’t think this did him any better. Victor was very keen to mend bridges with him, but Pippin still growled at Victor even so.

I think Mummy hoped Victor and Locksley might get along well enough to live together when we got home, and I thought they might. But when we got home Locksley made it clear he didn’t want to share his house.

So Mummy spent all of yesterday working hard to rearrange everything in our room and the summer house and the spare room, to give us each the same space. I think she was disappointed she couldn’t leave Victor and Locksley with four-panel runs, but she was just too tired to do the difficult final changes. She says we can stay like this for now, and she’ll see what else she can do later. So I’m still in the same place, and the others look like this photo.

But they spend a lot of time running around and exploring the house, so I’m sure they won’t feel too badly off.

We’re in mourning by the way, because the Queen died when we were on holiday. That’s why the surrounding colours have turned dark and sombre.

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