We made it to the cottage!

Hello, Locksley here again.

We made it to the cottage. I had to sit on the front seat of the car in this great big carrier Mummy bought last week. It’s very smart. It just feels very much bigger than any of the other carriers, and it has lots of places to look out, including Mummy as she’s driving, which is scary. And it folds flat so Mummy can put it away easily. It doesn’t fit under our runs, though, and Mummy said it was supposed to.u

But we’re not in our runs. Well, Victor and I are in runs made from our outdoor runs, and the accommodation is very nice. Ludo is in the brown cage, like at the last holiday cottage, and Pippin is in the blue holiday cage, which is where he’s been all last week, ever since he attacked Victor.

Pippin’s bite on his arm is healing well. Most of Victor’s bites are healing okay, but Mummy is still having to put brown stuff on a couple of them. Victor does not appreciate this, although he knows it’s for the best. Mummy’s bite is healing well, but she has a piece of brownish tape across it most days to stop it catching on things. Victor bit her by mistake on her thumb joint. He didn’t mean to.

I like Victor, he’s a good chap. We’ve been sitting alongside each other sometimes, for company. Mummy keeps asking if we’d like to move in together, but we haven’t decided we’re ready for that yet.

Pippin is a nice chap, but altogether too bossy. He just wants to fight everyone at present, for no reason that any of us can think of. Ludo teases him a bit, lying in front of him, on the other side of the run panels, and Pippin biting the bars to get at him. Ludo chuckles and goes to sleep.

But we are in the cottage now, and It’s very nice. I can see why Mummy likes it. There’s space for all of us, somewhere to put the cages up off the floor, although we like being on the floor. Mummy has a big room to sleep in with a huge bed, even huger than her one at home. The bathroom is huge too. Mummy thought we could have a bath here if the weather doesn’t improve. I’m not sure where the logic is in that, but there is a very big bath we could play in. I expect there’ll be pictures if we do.

It is raining, though. Although yesterday Victor and I went out to test the grass. It was good. There are supposed to be more thunderstorms tonight, and tomorrow, and Thursday. 😥

Other than that it’s lovely and quiet.

Mmmm. Quiet. 🙂


Locksley xxxx


3 thoughts on “We made it to the cottage!

  1. I thought of the quiet right away, Locksley. I think maybe Pippen was stressed by the noise or maybe it’s hormonal? In any event, you all can settle in and enjoy a week of stress-free living. And hopefully everyone’s relationships will get back to normal. This was a good move by your Mam.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you made it there safely and can now enjoy some peace and quiet. I hope everyone’s mood improves with the quiet time. Sorry you found things in the new carrier a bit scary. Hopefully some of you will start getting on well enough again that sharing can happen again soon.


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