The grass is still green

Hello, Ludo here.

The weather is still warm, and sometimes hot. The last few days have been cloudier, which is nice, because we can go out before the shade comes over the grass. We had several days at the end of the grass area, and now we’re back nearer the house. The grass is still green, and it’s all a little cleaner than where we were earlier.

I’m starting to enjoy being out in the garden. It’s a question of confidence. I used to stay under cover, in the tunnel or tent. Mummy usually sits nearby, so I can walk around on the grass in the open, knowing she’s on guard. When she’s busy doing things around and about, I can see she’s still frightening away anything that might upset us.

On Saturday she was doing something very strange with the watering pipe. Usually she attaches it to a spray when we come in in the evening. It then sprays over the vegetables, which means the grass gets a bit too. That’s probably why the grass is still green. On Saturday she put the watering pipe on top of the summerhouse. She had to get her steps out, and also one of her gardening tools to push it to where she wanted it. I don’t know what was happening, but every now and then she’d go and fill a watering can from the waterbutt on the other end of the summerhouse, and pour it into a plastic dustbin. Eventually she stopped doing that. A little while later she turned off the watering pipe and brought it down again.

Then she put it into the top of one of the waterbutts on this side of the summerhouse, until she turned it off again a little later. I have no idea what she was doing. Such are the ways of the Mummy.

She did mutter something about a hosepipe ban from next Friday. Maybe that means something to you.

I think we’re okay, though. Everybody’s fine. Even if Victor is being a bit cheeky.



5 thoughts on “The grass is still green

  1. Good to hear that you are all doing well. Sounds like there is going to be some water conservation due to the hot weather, but I’m sure your Mum will manage that. How wonderful that you are getting out and about, Ludo!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    “I have no idea what she was doing. Such are the ways of the Mummy.”

    Well said, Ludo.

    She’s a good mummy, though, and she will always protect you and make sure nothing outside (or inside, for that matter) can hurt you. You should keep her.

    I’m glad it’s cooled off a little for you boys.


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  3. hilarymb

    Hi Ludo – I’m glad you have green tasty grass … and now that the weather is a little cooler it’s easier being out and about. I guess Mummy was being very sensible and thinking in advance re the water you’ll have available – if there’s a hosepipe ban. Something that’s coming I suspect … just enjoy the big outdoors while there’s a fair amount of daylight … cheers Hilary

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  4. Victoria Zigler

    Glad your grass is still green and you’ve been able to get outside. We’ve had lots of warm weather too, though not as bad as it had been. And it’s been warm but wet here today. Mummy says it’s good because we need the rain and anyway it helps stop things getting too hot.


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