I meet Victor and Pippin

Hello, Ludo here.

Before I tell you about Victor and Pippin, I must tell you about our Facebook page.

Mummy says it wasn’t connecting to here in April, but she’s fixed it now. She’s sending our A to Z Challenge posts across there each day in June, excluding Sundays. So it’ll be like a June A to Z Challenge, but only on Facebook.

Right, that’s cleared that up.

This week I got to meet Victor and Pippin. Locksley talks to them through the other end of his run. Pippin is very rumbly. You generally know where he is.

About the middle of the week Mummy started putting some of our garden run panels on the floor in here at run time (which is after cuddle time). When I got back from my cuddle I found Victor and Pippin inside this run, along with some of their furniture – a hay box and a grassy tunnel. I expect that gave them something interesting to do as the run didn’t have hidey holes otherwise.

I didn’t take much notice of them, in truth. I mean, they’re guinea pigs. Young guinea pigs. I expect they’ll grow up without my help.

Then on about Friday, Mummy sprang a surprise on us – a garden party.

Apparently we are the New Jubilee Four. Although before they were the Jubilee Seven. It’s all because the Queen of England is celebrating seventy years as queen. Last time it was sixty years. It seems that sixty years is a Diamond Jubilee and seventy years is a Platinum Jubilee.

So Mummy put us out in a new arrangement for our gardenruns, making it look a little like the run the Diamond Jubilee boys had. We had the floppy flags, called ‘bunting’, and a tablecloth with little cakes on them.

We weren’t really interested in the cakes, until later, when Mummy put one in each of our home runs. It was very delicious, I can tell you.

The Platinum Jubilee Four: Pippin, Locksley, Victor and me, Ludo

Anyway, I went straight into the corner to make sure I could face whatever was going on. Locksley shuffled up to me to say hello, so I told him to go away, as usual. Then the little chaps came in, and of course Locksley ignored me and started talking to them. But Pippin took up all of his time with his strutting and rumbling, which Locksley was very patient with. Victor came up to me, and asked me something or other, and backed off when I said ‘go away’, but then he came back and tried chatting some more, under the pretence of eating grass. Some people have no manners. They should keep themselves to themselves.

After Mummy had taken all the pictures she wanted, she asked us if we’d like to carry on. I think she got my message, and started putting us back into our usual runs. The grass was very nice, and it was a relief to be back on my own, nice and quiet without any botheration.

I think she wants to let Locksley meet with Victor and Pippin some more though. As long as she doesn’t make me mix with them, I’m fine.

Next week, Locksley will tell you about something else.


5 thoughts on “I meet Victor and Pippin

  1. Handsome boy to join your already handsome family, Ludo. I do hope you will get more friendly with them, though. I know you like your peace and quiet, but company can be good from time to time!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Company can be good from time to time, but you can definitely have too much of it. Your garden party sounds fun though.



  3. Auntie Dawn

    I remember the Diamond Jubilee! Fond memories.

    I have a soft spot for rumbly pigs. The late, great Mariusz, whom you may have heard about, used to rumble at everything and everyone: Saku, furniture, me…. I used to rumble back at him. I wonder if he thought I was crazy.

    Thanks for the update, Ludo!



  4. Auntie Dawn

    P.S. Facebook is weird. I can’t like or respond to GGPW’s posts as myself anymore.

    So I see the posts, but I don’t react to them, because it would seem as if Mummy herself is reacting to them.

    Sigh …


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