My life with Colman

Dylan told me I could write the post today, since it’s all about Colman, my buddy, who went over the Rainbow Bridge on Friday evening.

We were part of what was called the Great Exodus of 2012, when sixteen of us left our home on Jersey and came to England.  It was nice on Jersey, we liked being with Pigpog, who was our Mummy then, but she disappeared and there was a week or two when nothing much happened, although Auntie Sue made sure we had food and water, but it wasn’t like Pigpog looking after us.  Then we got packed into our travel boxes and had a long long time before we got out of them again. Continue reading “My life with Colman”

Jubilee Party in the Park

The Magnificent Seven had a party in the park today!  It was great!  Mummy went out early and made a lovely arena for us, with flags flying all around and pretty things flapping in the breeze.  The sun was shining, the birds were singing, and we had some lovely mini-cakes to eat.  It was all to celebrate the Diamond Jubilee of our Glorious Queen Elizabeth II.  (Victor said to put that in). Continue reading “Jubilee Party in the Park”