What we did in Dorset

Hello. Ludo here again.

You’ve seen that Biggles didn’t complete our holiday, which is sad, but he slept most of the time and Mummy kept telling him it was time to go over the Rainbow Bridge, and Neville and Roscoe were waiting to welcome him. I’m sure that’s true.

When we arrived, Mummy put him in the blue cage, and me in a run on the floor, and Locksley in the brown cage on a table in the other part of the room. I’m sure everyone else was fine, but I really didn’t like it. When Biggles went into a coma, Mummy put me in with him to say goodbye. I am polite, so I did, but then explored the cage a bit. It’s a nice cage. I was very happy to stay in it after Biggles died and Mummy washed it out for me.

Mummy moved the run into the middle of the floor and put Locksley in his brown cage where it had been. So we were all able to sit around and chat (Mummy had some places to sit there, too.) She read her books a lot.

There was something in the corner called a television. I don’t know if you have one. She only watched a couple of programmes each night which made her laugh, but our radio station was on it, so we had music.

Mummy went out most mornings after she’d given us cuddles and breakfast, like normal. Sometimes it was sunny when she went out, but cold and rainy when she got back. Sometimes it was cold and rainy when she went out, too. One day there was a thunderstorm. The first day we had some time on the grass, though. And the last day we spent most of the day out on the grass. Mummy dragged a table across, and found a sunshade to put in it. Then later she got a towel and lay down beside us. I think she went to sleep. She had probably got very tired with all this going out.

The grass was nice, if short. Mummy had to find a patch which didn’t have daisies or buttercups on it. I think she did very well. There were lots of birds in the trees around us, and they sang very loudly.

And then we came home and went out on the grass here. The grass is longer here and it doesn’t have any daisies or buttercups. Just dandelions, trefoil, clover and something else we can eat.

Yesterday she spent some time reorganising our runs in here. I have a feeling that if Biggles were here he’d say she was up to something. The ways of the Mummy are a mystery to me.

I think Locksley will be here next week. Till next time.


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  1. I am so sorry for your loss, Ludo. But lovely that Biggles went sweetly and quietly over the bridge. I am sure his friends were waiting for him. It sounds like you had a good time eating on your vacation and there’s lots of summer weather ahead for more grass!

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