A new run for us in winter

I have been trying to persuade Mummy to make us a nice run for the winter. She’s done very well so far as we have a huge brown sided run made of cardboard that is in her office so we can see her during the day. It’s just over 2 metres by 1 metre and it was the box her bookshelf came in. It’s very nice but it takes up a lot of space and I know mummy has been looking at the other boxes in her office and trying to get rid of them and make the whole place look a bit smarter and a bit more like a home, not a warehouse. So I was trying to persuade her that we needed what they call a C&C cage; which is a run made out of storage mesh cubes and a firm base stuff called correx – Correx & Cube, C&C, ok?

She wasn’t very bothered, to be truthful, although I did see that she’d put it on her project list for October 2010 – December 2012! – and low priority! So I started wondering how I could make it more important for her – and I came up with the answer…  more storage space for her underneath it!  And I did a design and she looked at it, and found some problems with the measurements even though I’d been careful to make it fit.  Apparently it needed more ‘leeway’ between the cage and the door. So anyway, now we have a design, and it uses two fewer packs of cubes than the first one I did, so she’s ordered them! Here’s the design:

George's C&C MkII
My upstairs run design

She’s expecting the grid mesh cubes next week so she can start making it, then decide what to do about the floor surface (correx is hard to get but lino or something similar will do) and also the ramps and their fixing.  She doesnt have to do the top level yet – it can keep her occupied during the winter months. 🙂

4 thoughts on “A new run for us in winter

  1. Nixi

    I think it looks very impressive, George! I’ve just had a thought though…have you made sure the ‘top floor’ is supported properly underneath?
    I hope you enjoy your new run, I can’t wait to see pictures of it when it is finished. 🙂


  2. Dawn

    Low priority!!? Sigh. I think you need to keep on eye on Mummy’s project list and make edits when necessary.

    Well done, G. You are not only a brilliant engineer, but also a shrewd motivator of people. I find that nagging people to do what you want rarely works; it’s better to get started on the project yourself and spark their interest — just like you did with Mummy.


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