P is for Pimms, Parsley and Peppers #AtoZChallenge2022

Pimms, Parsley or Peppers? Which do you prefer? I’m Biggles, and I’m a guinea pig, doing the AtoZ Challenge, along with my mates Ludo and Locksley.

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Mummy says this is NOT the Pimms you’re thinking of.

Pimms is our nickname for Pimobendam, which is a medicine I take every day to help regulate my heart. Apparently lots of animals take it so lots of animals must have heart trouble too. I don’t know why I have heart trouble. Mummy says only Humphrey had heart trouble too, and he only had Frusol, which is the other heart med I have. That’s a diuretic, and it stops me having too much fluid enlarging my heart. So it works best with both of these medicines.

I’ve been taking these for a year now, twice a day, morning and evening. I get very bored with them, but Mummy gives me a cuddle and tells me I’m a very good boy, so that helps.


Ludo: We all love parsley.

Biggles: Yes, we all love parsley, especially Locksley. (Locksley nods)

We like the flat-leaved one and the curly leaved one. Mummy used to grow the curly one in Norfolk, because it grew all the year round on the sandy soil there. And there weren’t so many slugs and snails as there are here. She’s trying it in a pot, and hoping it’ll grow again in her herb bed.

Neville eats parsley
Neville eating parsley


We all love red peppers, too. Bell peppers or sweet peppers, not the hot ones.

Mummy said she once offered some green peppers to Fred and George, and they sniffed it, looked at her strangely and backed away. It was only later she realised they were the chilli ones. The lady at the newspaper shop had grown them and had too many.

Apparently some people say you shouldn’t give us the seeds and stalk, because we might choke on it. Duh. I’m not that stupid! I love the top bit of the pepper and Mummy usually gives it to me, or if it’s very big she halves it and gives the other half to Ludo.

Ludo: I like it too, but I prefer the smooth part.

Ludo eats red pepper

Biggles: And we do eat the ‘sweet’ green, yellow and orange ones, but red is best, I think.

Ludo: I’m not fussed.

Locksley: I like the red best.

Biggles: There you are then.

Do you like sweet peppers? What about the hot, chilli ones?

Love Biggles xxx

and Ludo!

…and Locksley

14 thoughts on “P is for Pimms, Parsley and Peppers #AtoZChallenge2022

  1. Ronel Janse van Vuuren

    My chickens enjoy bell peppers, too! Probably a staple in my kitchen — though most of the time my pantry is like a mystery box in Master Chef. LOL. (Ask your mummy about that one.)
    Ronel visiting for the A-Z Challenge My Languishing TBR: P

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    1. I think our Oddbox is like a mystery box because Mummy always stops potatoes and swede coming. We get strange things instead. Have you heard of mooli? I’m beginning to like it.

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  2. You do like yummy stuff, guys. I love peppers and we put parley on a lot of things we eat. And yes, I did wonder why Pimms was on the list of things you like – I like the other Pimms!

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    1. Mummy likes the other Pimms, but only occasionally. I get mine twice a day. There’s not too much of it, so it’s okay. I had a really horrid thing last week. Only for one week, though.

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    1. Biggles

      Parsley is yummy. I don’t think Mummy has hot peppers often. She likes to have mostly the same things we have. But not pellets or hay.


    1. Biggles

      Oooh, Pimms with cucumber. I wonder if… Mummy – can I have my Pimms with cucumber, please?
      She’s trying to work out how.


    1. Biggles

      I don’t think Ludo or Locksley are that keen on peppers. They left their yellow pepper yesterday. It’s not as good as red, but it’s still tasty.
      Thanks for visiting Dream 🙂

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