O is for Oregano #AtoZChallenge2022

Oregano is a herb. I hadn’t heard of it before, but Biggles said it was one of his favourites. This is the AtoZ Challenge, and I’m Ludo. We’re guinea pigs.

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When Mummy found out we hadn’t heard of oregano, she got some for us. Of course Biggles was all over it. Mummy made sure we had equal shares , though.

Well, I understand why Biggles likes it. I like it too. It’s sort of fresh, and pungent, and tastes of hot summer days and relaxing in the sunshine.

Mummy says she likes it, especially with tomatoes, and in Mediterranean dishes. I hope you know what that means.

Now Mummy’s growing some for us, in a pot. She says that way she can keep it a little drier and a little warmer, because those are the conditions it likes. Not as dry as lavender or Rosemary, but not permanently damp. Sounds good to me.

I think that means we can have oregano as often as we like. Most of the things Mummy grows for us we can have often. Although some we have a lot for a couple of weeks, then hardly any for months.

Do you like oregano? Do you grow it in a pot?

Ludo xxx

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    1. Biggles

      Lots of Mummy’s don’t last long. Sometimes she grows from seed and sometimes she just buys new plants. They all taste good, though. She spent this afternoon sowing seeds in pots and trays.

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  1. Hi Ludo: I do like oregano, especially in any Italian food or on tomatoes. It is rich in antioxidants (ask your Mum about that) and may help fight bacteria, relieve inflammation, and regulate blood sugar. All good for you!

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