We’re revealing our theme next week!

Hi, Biggles here.

We’re all very excited because Mummy has said we can do the Blogging from A to Z Challenge in April!

And we’re all going to get involved. First we asked if Ludo and I could do it, as several times in the past it’s been something two piggies shared.

Then Mummy suggested we invite Locksley to take part too. We can show him how to blog without putting him under any pressure. Locksley doesn’t do pressure, and he’s still easily confused, but he’s very keen. So she’s going to set up a user name for him. She’s going to try for Locksley of Robin, but she’ll tell us later what it is. I’m sure there’s some deep meaning in that name, but Mummy’s too clever for me.

The Challenge is run by the A to Z Challenge people–captained by J Lenni Dorner, who’s written on Mummy’s blog. They start it with a Theme Reveal, which is next week. So Ludo will reveal our theme to you next Monday.

Isn’t it exciting?!



PS. Mummy published another science fiction book last week. Zanzibar’s Rings. But none of us are in it, not even Fred and George.

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