More medical adventures!

Hello, Biggles here again.

Since I had an interesting week, I came back to tell you about it today. Ludo’s fine, and happy to step aside. He’s getting to be an amiable chap, you know. I’m not sure whether he actually wants to socialise with Locksley and – or – me on the floor (or out on the grass) yet, but I hope so.

You remember last week, Mummy had trouble giving me the right meds. She didn’t have any trouble this week, but she took me to see Dr Rebekah for a check-up.

It was much more like it used to be with Dr Sally. Since we moved to Hampshire Mummy’s had to stay in the car park and hand me over (in my box) to the Doctor, who took me in to the vet room and did all the usual things like listen to me, and look me all over–including places I’d rather she didn’t look!

But this time, Mummy came into the building with me, and took me to see Dr Rebekah in her room, and I sat on the black table between them while they talked about me, instead of them talking about me outside the car when Dr Rebekah brought me back. I think Mummy prefers it, because she can show the Doctor what she means, and the doctor can do things straight away without having to come outside and ask Mummy.

Which is why I got an injection of ivermectin! It didn’t really hurt, just an ouchee, and then it was done. She sort of crept up on me to do it. But Dr told Mummy I was fine to have Metacam if it helped, and although it might eventually put stress on some organ or other, it wouldn’t be a problem in the short term, and it was the best painkiller for piggies.

So I’m very happy because the metacam makes me feel much better. And the ivermectin is to help my itches disappear. But I have to go back for an X-ray (that’s where they take the picture that looks right through you) on Wednesday, and she’s going to sort my teeth out as well as check the roots, and look at my heart again. But she says my chest is sounding much better.

And although I gave Dr Rebekah a strong objection when she touched my itchy bits, I made it up to her with a bit of a cuddle after she’d looked at my chest. And then I went and cuddled Mummy, and she took me home again.

So that’s all the news worth talking about this week. Did I tell you the men came back and now the heating’s working fine? Well, they did, before last week. I’m not sure I remembered to tell you.

See you next time,


Biggles xxx

6 thoughts on “More medical adventures!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    That’s good news. I hope the x-ray shows your insides are working like they should be, and am glad your medicine is helping you. The Lilie dog has to have medicine for itchies too, but she has a tablet and some ear drops (though Mummy says there will come a point where she might have to change to having a needle for it instead). Anyway, like I said, I’m glad your medicine is all helping you. I’m also glad Ludo is starting to become more sociable (even if he’s still not a fan of sharing floor time with you or Locksley). Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Mummy here. Biggles is back from his X-ray. He also had some blood taken for tests to see how his thyroid is doing. We’ll go back for the results next week.
    His X-ray showed he still has a lot of problems. We’re upping his Frusol meds to see if that will help his lungs and heart some more. He’s getting more metacam as one of his molars is hurting his jaw, we realise now why he objected, he wasn’t ticklish – it hurt. And he has small bladder stones, which don’t seem to trouble him, save for peeing little and often.
    So apart from all that he’s fine!

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Thanks for the update, BigGuy. It’s always better for the humans when we can go into the doctor’s office with you. We are a strange species, often panicking when there’s no need to panic. We tend to panic less when we can see and hear what’s going on.

    The best a cavy can do is tolerate us. XOXO

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