Medicine Mix-up!

Hello, Biggles here. Happy new year from me, as I didn’t say it last week. Ludo did a good post, though, didn’t he?

Mummy’s been having fun with medicines. Apart from the trouble she had getting my meds in December, she had trouble getting her own ones, too. Apparently her anti-his something ran out, but she got more a day later. I didn’t notice anything different about her.

We managed to get mine before Christmas, as Mummy expected them to run out. Last time I had to switch to a yellow-coloured Frusol, because they didn’t have any of my usual stuff. I had to take twice as much of the yellow one as the usual one. That meant nearly a whole 1 ml tube! And I have it twice a day!

my meds
Where I sit to have my meds. These are all behind me. I think Mummy needs to rewrite the board

Well, I got through that okay, then the other evening we finished those meds and I went back to the usual one. Except Mummy had half a tube of the old one, which she gave me, and then had to work out how much more of the new one to give me. Well, it seemed like quite a lot to me, but I drank it down, as you do, since Mummy’s giving it to you. Then she sort of stopped, and said “Oh, no!” And she looked at me and I looked at her, wondering what was wrong. She put me back in my run, and then she went over to her computer and I could see her reading things very carefully. Then she phoned the vet, and listened for a bit, then she phoned another vet and told him she’d given me a double dose of Frusol by mistake.

He told her what to do and she put an extra bowl of water in my run and told me to drink as much as I like. Well, I did, because later that night I started feeling thirsty. And next day too. And the more I drank, the more I peed. And eventually it all balanced out and we went back to normal meds, and normal drinking, and Mummy took the water bowl away, since I hadn’t used it much. It was nice to know I could if my bottle ran out in the night, though.

Mummy changed my bedding yesterday, though, and not the others. She said it was soaking, even though she’d put more pads under the fleece. I suppose it was, but I just sit on the hay if it’s damp, and spread it around more so I can sit where I like. She’s thinking she might change mine more often, since the others can go a couple more days between fleece changes, and I could really do with it a day earlier.

So we’re all back to normal. I have my meds as usual, and Mummy has hers, and she says she won’t mix them up again, but no harm done, thank goodness.

See you next time, love

Biggles xxx

4 thoughts on “Medicine Mix-up!

  1. Aw, Biggles, your mum did the right thing. We all make mistakes with our medicine occasionally, but if it’s only once, it’s not a problem and you were right soon, Ludo did do a good job,. And you got dry fleeces! Happy New Year and cucumbers to all of you.

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  2. hilarymb

    Hi Everyone – well I’m glad to hear things are sorted out … take care and all the best – wet bottoms aren’t ‘nice’ !!!!… so hope things stay as they should be. Cheers to one and all … Hilary

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