My thoughts on hay

Hello. Ludo here.

First, an update on Biggles. He seems happy with his new meds, and is enjoying life in his run at the other end of the room.

I’ve been thinking about hay.

Obviously hay is very nice.

It seems different in different places. The hay we get here is much longer than the hay I got when I was little. We also get two types of hay, and it comes in big boxes, not bags. There is a green type, which Mummy puts in our hay racks for us to reach up to and eat. The second is the brown hay, although it’s sort of gold and beige and different shades of light brown really. She puts that in a pile in the middle of our cages.

Sometimes she also puts green hay on the pile, but not very much. Usually if it’s night time and she’s going to leave us to go to her own room for several hours, and there’s no room in the hay rack.

The pile of hay is nice, and also good to lie on. Sometimes I push it around a bit, too, just to see what happens. Locksley sort of makes a nest in his. He lies in the middle and builds it up on either side. Biggles completely hides in his. He’ll push into the pile like he’s making a tunnel. Often you can only see his nose. I think he enjoys doing it, although I’m not sure why. I’m quite happy lying on it.

We also have a box with holes in the sides and that has herby hay in it. It arrived at Christmas time. Biggles said it was a Christmas present, but I don’t know what that is. He makes strange noises with his, but I look at mine and wonder what it does, and why it’s there. Locksley is waiting for me to explain. I think he tried whatever it is that Biggles does, and the noise scared him.

Sometimes Mummy puts herby hay in among our brown hay, or in our food bowls. That’s very nice and yummy. And sometimes she gives us dried herbs in our bowls, which smell really interesting and taste good. And sometimes we get special dried grass called readigrass. That either goes in our bowls or on our piles. We’ll find it, wherever she puts it.

Oh, and then there’s the third type of hay, which is the lovely pale yellow type that Mummy made for us from the garden last year. We eat that when the brown runs out. I think we’ll be getting that again some time next week. I’m looking forward to that.

Biggles is going for another vet visit this week, and he can tell you about that next Monday.

Have a nice time

Ludo xxx

2 thoughts on “My thoughts on hay

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad Biggles likes his meds. Hope his vet visit goes well.

    I love hay too, and I’m like you: I lay on it, but don’t tunnel in to it or make a nest. I get some to lay on, and some in a special wire ball to eat. Sometimes I just eat the hay I lay on though, if I feel like a nibble of hay and don’t want to get up. And I love getting dry herbs. Me and Artemis (she’s a tortoise) get dry herbs with our breakfast whenever Mummy doesn’t have any fresh herbs for us. But sometimes there are dried herbs or flowers mixed in with my hay too.

    Squeak soon,

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