A Question of Baths

Hello, Ludo here.

I agree with Biggles about last week. They came back this week but didn’t make too much noise. Mummy was pleased she could have a shower on Wednesday.

Mummy doesn’t have baths. Biggles says there is no Mummy-sized bath in this house, although there are two piggy-sized ones.

Auntie Noelle asked a question on how often we have baths.

I have never had a bath, well not here, anyway. I’m always very clean, sparkling white and shiny black. I did have a bath when I first arrived at the Guinea Pig Rescue. Apparently everyone goes through that in case of mites and lice and other horrible things. I’ve never had lice or mites or things, either. Mummy did give us funny stuff behind our ears last summer, which was to make sure anything we’d picked up from the other animals that use the garden was killed off. But that wasn’t a bath.

Locksley has had his bottom washed. He sat on the surface at the side of the little bath in the bathroom (where Mummy’s shower is), and had stuff on his backside, then Mummy rubbed it in and washed it off by holding his backside under the tap. He told me all about it. I think he had brown marks in his long tail of hair. It got rid of them. I don’t have brown marks on my tail because I don’t have a tail. I have short hair.

Biggles occasionally has baths, he says. He’s had two or three since he got here, which is nearly two years ago. Mummy bought this house two years ago today. Biggles has baths to help his skin, which gets itchy. He’s had full baths in the kitchen sink and in the tiny bathroom one. Sometimes Mummy gives him the behind the ears stuff, and sometimes she bathes him. He says he enjoys it. He has special shampoo from a place called Gorgeous Guineas, and he has the version called ‘Manuka and Neem’ for problem skin conditions.

Roscoe and Neville used to have bottom washes a lot in the last six months, but only full baths once a year or so. Roscoe used to go from a lovely cream colour to bright white after his baths. He had a shampoo called ‘Just for Boars.’ Neville’s coat used to take ages to dry, but he used to have haircuts too. He had two shampoos, one called ‘Cedarwood and Lemongrass Easy-rinse’ and the other was ‘Posh ‘n Go’ with extra conditioner for long haired piggies.

Biggles says I’ll probably get ‘Just for Boars’ and it’s the best smelling one.

There are lots of posts about baths here by our predecessors. George’s article on the Beauty Salon probably covers everything.

I hope you found that interesting, especially Auntie Noelle 🙂

Ludo xxx

PS Mummy says Uncle Bob and Auntie Doris named ‘Just for Boars’. It’s a great name.

3 thoughts on “A Question of Baths

  1. I found it very interesting! I know baths can make you feel light and fluffy afterwards but they aren’t always necessary. We had one cat we had to bathe a lot because of a skin condition – it was very unpleasant because cats don’t like baths. As a rule we don’t bathe cats because they keep themselves pretty clean.
    You all look wonderful all the time – your Mum takes really good care of you!

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    “Just for Boars” is fantastic. Your mummy was kind enough to buy us a large bottle.

    I’ve only given Lynley one bath since he arrived in May 2020; he doesn’t get very smelly. His big brother, Gussie, needs a bath, or at least a bum bath, every couple of months now. He gets what we lovingly refer to as “crusticles” on his backside.

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