Horrible Noises!

Hello, Biggles here again.

We had SUCH a week!

It was so noisy.

Mummy had lots of men visiting to do things in the roof and at the side of the house, although they went into all the other rooms too, but didn’t actually do work in them all. They only came into ours to talk to Mummy once or twice.

Actually the man that did that was quite nice. He said we were great chaps, and we had lovely runs.

But the sounds in the roof were awful. Squealing and banging. The drilling was bad but the squealing was worse, and I have no idea what it was. Mummy doesn’t know either. She said they were putting a new water heater up there, and to do that they had to laying boards to step on.

I spent most of my time under my hay. Locksley has learnt to do it, too. Mummy gave us lots of hay this week.

And because they were going up and down the ladder into the loft all day, Mummy sat in here with us, with the door shut, and if she needed to go to the kitchen or anywhere, she went out through our door-window and back into the house a different way!

Now they’ve gone, and sometimes the house is nice and warm. But Mummy keeps getting up togo and fiddle with the controller in the hall. She says it’s not working properly. Sometimes it stays on for an hour, sometimes only for five minutes. But our room isn’t affected by it, because we have different heating. If we keep the door closed we stay nice and comfy.

The men will have to come back to sort it out this week.

Oh, dear.

But we’re all being very stoical and patient. Let’s see what happens, and Ludo can update you next time.



2 thoughts on “Horrible Noises!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m sorry about all the awful noise, Biggles. Mummy says it will be worth it, since whatever they’re doing will be something your Mummy needs them to do to keep your home comfortable and safe for you and her, and your Mummy wouldn’t put you through it if she didn’t feel she needed to. Hopefully they’ll soon be done, and things can get quiet for you guys again. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. I’m glad to hear that despite the terrible noises, the house is getting fixed and you all are nice and warm – well at least you guys are! It sounds like your Mum has things well in hand and hopefully all the work will be done soon. Be brave!

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