It’s Christmas next Saturday!

Hello, Biggles here.

I’ve never really worked out what Christmas is. We get to have our pictures taken with red hats on. We may sit under a lovely sparkly tree with things hanging on it, including pigtures of the all the boys who have lived with Mummy. There are things wrapped in paper or something else that we get given, and Mummy takes photos of that, too. Then she unwraps them for us, and usually they’re yummy or cuddly.

Mummy usually has Uncle James with her, but he hasn’t visited since we started coming here. Mummy says it’s just one of those things, and the avirus doesn’t help. I hope I didn’t say the wrong thing when he last visited us in Norfolk.

Mummy said she was going to put the Christmas tree up yesterday, but it’s not there yet. But the front room where we get morning cuddles is looking much tidier. All the boxes and packages and paper stuffing has been cleared away. All that’s left are some big boxes filled with things wrapped in pretty paper that have to go to other people. One box goes to Auntie Anne’s house; one goes to Auntie Cathy’s, and I’m to tell Auntie Noelle that she’s had a baby boy. Another goes to Auntie Teresa, and a bag goes to Uncle Richard. And the other presents go to people in the road where our house is.

Mummy says she’s going to work on the decorations today. But she did open all her Christmas cards yesterday, she didn’t realise how many had arrived.

I apologise that the website doesn’t look as Christmassy as usual. It’s because we’re still inside 7 weeks from when Neville died. The mourning period will be over on Thursday, and Mummy will turn it all Christmassy for me. Mummy’s written a story about Roscoe and Neville waiting for Auntie Mary to cross the rainbow bridge. It’s on her blog today. Auntie Mary blogged that she would be going very soon, so I think it’s all right to tell you.

And that’s it from me until the new year, as Ludo will blog next week. We may put new Christmas pictures up if Mummy takes them. Watch out for them, here and on our Facebook page.

Have a nice Christmas, and a restful holiday until the new year begins.


Biggles xxxxx

PS Mummy’s written a Christmas short story on the Princelings website. It’s out on Wednesday or Thursday. Apparently Hugo is in it. Or Mariusz. I’m not sure which.

4 thoughts on “It’s Christmas next Saturday!

  1. And a Merry Christmas to you and the other boys and your Mum, too, Biggles. Thanks for the update and tell your Mum to give congratulations to Aunt Cathy on her baby boy. we are celebrating Christmas here in cold and snowy Utah with our new Granddaughter, who is cute as a button. Cucumber for all!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Hope you all enjoy the Christmas celebrations. Mummy was doing the thing with the red hats with the dogs. They managed to persuade the tortoise to join in, but I was having none of it. I like the part with presents though. But we do it on the Winter Solstice in our house, which was yesterday (Tuesday) as I’m sure you know. Anyway, hope you get something nice this year. Squeak soon, Mollie

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