Things that I like

Greetings. Ludo here. Last time I told you what I find strange. Today I am telling you what I like.

It took me some time to work out what I like.

I had to rest and relax first. When I first got here, I liked that we’d stopped moving, and I was not in a cage with lots of others. I was with the baby, though.

I liked not being with the baby when he was getting irritating. These days, I like living next to Locksley, who turned out to be the baby. Or the baby turned out to be him. I like chatting to him underneath my hay rack. He seems to like that too. Although sometimes we grumble at each other, for old times’ sake.

I like my cuddles with Mummy. I like the way she picks me up and slides me out of my tunnel, making me feel safe, up close to her, and not going to fall down. It’s a long way down. I like the way she strokes me and I try to show her my appreciation.

I like the nice things she gives us to eat. I’ve discovered I like cucumber, but not as much as the others. I like herbs, both dried and fresh. I like lavender, which I’d never had before. I like the pellets we get, which she changes a couple of times a week.

I like grass. I especially like going out on the grass in my run, but it’s too cold right now. Mummy is giving us special dried grass called readigrass. I like readigrass. I like hay as well, especially the big mounds she gives us which are fun to curl up in, but I like my eating hay in my hayrack, too.

I like the things with tops to them that I can hide under. I feel safe with things I can hide under. She gives us lots of those. Although she likes to talk to me when I’m out in the open. I like being talked to.

There may be more things I like. If so, I’ll tell you about them another time.

Ludo xxx

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  1. Auntie Dawn

    I like you, Ludo, and I like your black-and-white pattern, which is similar to Mariusz’s and Hugo’s—from the front, at least (M and H didn’t have brown in the back). I’m sure Mummy has told you about those two rascals.


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