The Last Garden Party of 2021

Hello, Biggles here.

We had our last garden party for the year on Thursday, according to Mummy. Most things I tell you here have to have ‘according to Mummy’ added to them, but I often don’t say it. Mummy checks her tablet thing most mornings to tell me what the weather’s going to do, and on Thursday it was nice and sunny, so we had a party for Locksley and Ludo, mainly for Ludo because it was their Gotcha day, and Ludo doesn’t have a birthday.

Just imagine! It’s a whole year since Mummy brought them home from Auntie Sophie.

Little did we know the chaos they’d bring to our harmonious trio, although we were still missing Bertie a lot.

So, we had a party, with cake, and everyone ate some. Ludo had his own portion and decided he liked the lavender decoration best. I agree, it was wonderful. Don’t tell the others though, because they didn’t see it.

We’ve been out in the garden again Friday and yesterday, but Mummy says it looks like that was the last day for this year. Saturday was too dull and cold. Next week it’s going to rain (at last, because the garden needs it), and even though it might be sunny at the end of the week, it’s going to be much cooler. And what with waiting for the ground to be dry enough, and coming in when the sun stops warming us enough against the cool air, there’s not much time in between.

Mummy took all the beans out of the veg bed on Friday, and left the bed all forlorn and bare. She gave us a whole load of beanstalk and leaves, but there weren’t many good bits left, so she took it away again. Then the next day she gave us huge bits of swiss chard plants that had grown enormous. I liked nibbling up and down the stalk and finding the mini-leaves on it. She put lots of dark earth from the bin in the corner, next to where our bedding waste goes, on top of the bed. Then yesterday she planted the small plants which will grow roots to see them through the winter and give us early veg. Lettuce and chard again. You can never have too much lettuce or chard. The white tent in the background of the picture below is over the newly planted veggies.

Also yesterday, Mummy asked me if I wanted a co-blogger on here, or if I was coping okay. I don’t know. It’s easier just doing every other week, but I couldn’t ask Neville to take half the job on, he’s getting a bit old for that. I think Mummy’s a little concerned about him, but he seems okay to me, just a bit ‘leave me alone’ ish. I can’t imagine Locksley would settle down enough to write something sensible. Do you remember Bertie having a tantrum about blogging when he was young? I’m sure Locksley would be the same. And that leaves Ludo. I have no idea what Ludo would blog about. Something entirely different from the rest of us. He’s a bit odd. Well, maybe I’ll talk to him about it. If he deigns to talk to me, that is.

See you next week.


Biggles xxxx

The Hampshire Four, September 21

4 thoughts on “The Last Garden Party of 2021

  1. You four are SO handsome, Biggles. I am happy if you do the blog – your blogs are very interesting and informative.
    If you lived here you would be having garden days until November. We are pleasantly mild right now and getting downright warm towards the end of the week. Lots of stuff still growing – our tomatoes and peppers are still coming along.
    Have you ever eaten any chives?

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry I’m late in here. Mummy got sick again, and kept not turning the computer on, so I couldn’t come read your post. I threw some pellets at her in protest, but the only thing that achieved was me having less pellets to eat.

    Anyway, sounds like a fun garden party. Happy belated gotcha day to Ludo and Locksley. Sorry you probably won’t get outside again until Spring now.

    It might be interesting seeing what Ludo has to say about things.

    Squeak soon,

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