Ludo’s Turn – but not to blog, yet

Hello, Biggles here again.

I know, you were sort of expecting Ludo to start blogging. So was I.

No, it was his turn to give Mummy a fright this week. She took him to the vet on Tuesday evening, after she walked in to say hello and found him in a corner looking miserable. He hadn’t eaten his breakfast or nuggets.

She phoned the vet at 5.20 in the evening, and was very surprised to be asked if she could get him there for 6.20. So in spite of it getting dark, and pouring with rain and all windy and horrible out, she said ‘yes’, and off they went.

Well, I was quite surprised because Mummy hardly ever goes out in the car after dark (although she did on Saturday to see the young people in their show). And it was very very wet against our window. But she came home again safely–without Ludo!

Dr Rebekah suspected he had a teeth problem, which was what Mummy thought. So he stayed overnight to have an xray and dental trim, and Mummy went back to get him on a lovely sunny day the next afternoon. Dr Rebekah really wanted to keep him overnight to make sure he was eating all right, but Mummy said (on the phone, so we heard) that he might think he’d been abandoned again and not eat anyway. Good call, Mummy!

You should have seen Ludo’s face when he came in and looked at his run again. He was so happy to be back. I really think he was thinking he’d been taken away forever. Silly boy.

But after that trauma we didn’t think we’d start him on blogging just yet. After our holiday, Mummy says. That’s only two weeks away now. Well, one more Monday, then the next one we’ll be at the cottage. Not the one we went to last time (two years ago). It’s a different one, but about the same distance away. There’s grass, but it’ll probably be too cold and wet for us to go out.

I’m looking forward to telling you all about it 🙂


Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “Ludo’s Turn – but not to blog, yet

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad Ludo only needed his teeth sorted and is otherwise doing OK. Poor thing though… He must have felt even more miserable than he already was with thinking he’d been abandoned again. We know your Mummy would never do that, but I understand why he’d worry, and can imagine how happy he must have been when she brought him back home.

    Hope you enjoy your holiday in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait to hear about it.

    Squeak soon,

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