A Normal September Day Part 2

Hello, Biggles here.

Last week I left you with a coathanger, only halfway through the morning.

Well after we have our breakfast and some hay, and all that, we have a snooze, and that takes us through to our lunchtime nibble which is followed by a snooze.

By this time Ludo has finished all his pellets, since he eats so many he’s put on a lot of weight. Mummy only gives him a small portion, and sometimes she rations mine too. Not at the moment though.

Most afternoons recently we’ve been going out in the garden. Sometimes we haven’t even been waiting for the shade to come across the run.

Mummy usually moves our grass place every few days. Ludo has the big covered run, all to himself, because he likes it. Neville, Locksley and I have the open run, but only if Mummy’s around to make sure it’s safe. We have lots of covered areas in it, and we’re quite safe from most things. Sometimes one of the neighbours’ cats creeps across the grass towards us, and Mummy chases them away. She’s very diligent, is Mummy.

Then when Neville’s had enough he goes and sits in his tent, and Mummy usually takes him in then. If I want to come in too, I go and sit in my tent. Locksley hardly ever wants to come in, so Mummy leaves him out until he’s ready to come into the tent when she asks him. Ludo generally comes in around the same time as Locksley. They’re young, fit chaps, and don’t feel the cold as much as Neville and me.

One of the other good things about coming in first, is we get our arthuritis biscuit without any interference from Locksley. He used to try and steal Neville’s, and Mummy’s tried all sorts of biscuits to give him and Ludo a treat at the same time as us. The dried carrot pieces seem to be satisfactory – they left all the other ones.

So then when we’re all in, and it’s looking like evening, Mummy hands out the hay, and at 9 o’clock we have cucumber time, when we get a slice of cucumber each. Sometimes we have to interrupt her typing to remind her it’s 9 o’clock. But she’s pretty good at time-keeping.

Then later I get my evening meds, and she checks our cages have everything we need, does our water, and adds a big bunch of hay for the night. Then she says goodnight, sleep well, and things like that, and turns the light out. And after a while she turns her own light out too, and it’s all quiet and dark for hours. Although we get up and wander around, and have hay and drinks and things like that. But we try not to wake Mummy.

And then Saturday we didn’t have a normal September day because Mummy got up in the dark, and gave us our cuddles and cucumber before it was light! Well, it was daytime when Ludo finished. And then she went out all day. She said she was booking a fair or something. She came back in the late afternoon and put us into the garden for an hour, and sat at her table watching us, and drinking lots of different drinks. I think she was thirsty. And tired. And Sunday was much the same, except we had normal time cuddles. At least Mummy’s getting out and having her exercise. That’s good for her.

This week it’s the equal day and night time day. Fred wrote about it once. And it’s also Gotcha day for Ludo and Locksley, but mainly for Ludo because we don’t know when his birthday is, and we celebrated Locksley’s last month. I think we’re having a party, even if he doesn’t sit with us for it.

I’ll tell all next week.


Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “A Normal September Day Part 2

  1. Victoria Zigler

    It was interesting hearing about the rest of how your days usually go. Thanks for sharing that. Mummy was telling me it was almost time for the equal nights celebration just this morning actually. She says I can share some grapes with her as part of it. I like grapes. Happy Gotcha Day to Ludo and Locksley. Squeak soon, Mollie

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