A Normal September Day Part 1

Hello, Biggles here again.

I was thinking about how the days seem to run into one another, nothing special going on. Although it has dried up enough and warmed up enough for us to go out in the garden in the afternoon. So I thought it might be useful to describe one for you.

We generally wake up as soon as it’s light, and then it depends on how long we wait to hear Mummy moving around whether we go back to sleep for a bit. Most times I get up, have a little hay, or something that’s been hidden under it from the day before, or some pellets if there are any left. Then if Mummy hasn’t come in yet, I go back to sleep, probably in my lovely snuggle tunnel.

Mummy comes in and says “Good morning, Boys,” and maybe does something to the curtain depending on whether it’s sunny or not (she usually pulls the gauzy one across when she goes to bed, in case the sun shines in and makes it too hot in the morning). Then she gets things ready for Cuddles.

Cuddles are the best time of the day, apart from the things I’ll tell you about later.

First she takes Locksley for his cuddle, then Neville, who gets meds and some lovely Emeraid too. Then it’s my turn, and I have to have three sets of meds, that’s the two heart ones and another for my thyroid. They make me feel much better, although they don’t taste very good. Then I go in to the front room for my cuddle and sit on the towel on Mummy’s lap, and if I’m lucky Neville’s left me some Emeraid and I finish it up. It’s yummy. It’s like a creamy pellet mix, that tastes really good, and we drink from the syringe. I usually try to lick the bowl when it’s finished, but it’s a tiny bowl, and I can’t really get my nose in it. Then while Mummy’s stroking me and scratching my ear and other nice things, she gives me some bits of cucumber, which are nearly always yummy, but rarely if ever enough.

Then she puts me back down on the floor and I run along the corridor back to our room, and see what the others are up to. Then Mummy cleans our beds and after a bit of a break to give us a good long run time, she takes Ludo out for his cuddle. Then she comes back and puts us back in our clean runs before Ludo comes into the room.

Ludo’s much better than he used to be. He used to come in and fight us if he got a chance. These days he sort of peers round the door to see if Mummy’s put us away before he comes in. Sometimes he waits in the corridor for Mummy to call him. Anyway, then Mummy cleans his cage and gives us all pellets and fresh water, and then she gets our breakfast. That’s the next best part of the day.

Then usually she gets some coffee and comes and sits at her computer, or maybe she remembers to put our bucket of waste onto the compost heap and feed the birds before she does that. And she changes her coat to her daytime one.

All that, and it’s only mid-morning!

Maybe I’ll make this last a bit, and tell you what happens then, next week.

That’s a cliff-hanger, isn’t it?


Biggles xxxx

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