Fridge or Fresh? The Breakfast question

Hello, Biggles here again.

We were out in the garden again at the weekend, enjoying sunshine and early shade, but plenty of warmth. Mummy has our run close to the house so although there was a little sun in it today, we were in shade for most of the time. And that was good because it was sunny and warm again. Mummy was sitting in the shade with her hat on. And occasionally talking to us or taking photos.

Locksley had to go indoors early yesterday because he was arguing with me again. Mummy noticed I had a little scratch on my lip where he caught me the day before. He has very sharp teeth, and they catch very easily. I don’t think he means to be as aggressive as he is, but he’s still learning. Mummy put him back out for an hour when she brought Neville and me inside. We got our arthur-itis tablet then, which is good, because Neville doesn’t get Locksley trying to take it away from him then. Mummy notices these things, you know.

I’ve noticed that we go several days with breakfast from the fridge, then a couple of days with leaves from the garden. Sometimes we have a bit of both.

The Vegetable box arrives on Saturdays (occasionally very late on Friday night, but it’s there for our breakfast). Sometimes it doesn’t have enough suitable guinea pig food, and very rarely has enough lettuce for a week! So Mummy gets another delivery on Monday or Tuesday, and gets lettuce and sometimes other veggies, and her milk and stuff.

So the big question is, which is better: breakfast from the fridge or from the garden?

Typical Fridge breakfast: lettuce, broccoli, celery, pepper (bell pepper, Auntie Noelle), maybe another salad leaf like chicory or rocket or spinach, and if we’re very lucky, carrot.

Typical Garden breakfast: Bean leaves, dandelions, lettuce ends, kale, chard, strawberry leaves, carrot leaves, herbs, other leaves – maybe cucumber leaves, although I’d rather have the cucumbers.

Well, you can see they’re both very nice. We might get a mix of both, e.g. celery in among the garden leaves. But the garden is mostly leaves except occasionally we get a home grown carrot, which are ABSOLUTELY YUMMY.

Mummy said most of the carrots didn’t come up this year. The ones we’re getting are small because they’ve been growing in a trough.


Neville says he prefers garden breakfasts most of the time, but the kale wasn’t nice for a while. I agree. It was very tough. I think Mummy realised and is giving us better leaves now. But we get very reliable fridge breakfasts, you know roughly what to expect, all the year round. Garden breakfasts vary a lot. And we hardly get anything except kale leaves in winter. They’re very tasty then.

So, I think we’re all agreed, that as long as we have breakfasts, we don’t mind where they come from. Thank you for our food, Mummy 🙂

So, having said all that, I’m sure she’ll be pleased with me and give me a bigger carrot next time. Or more leaves. Whichever.

Have a good week


Biggles. xxxx

3 thoughts on “Fridge or Fresh? The Breakfast question

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Garden breakfasts and fridge breakfasts are both great. We mostly have fridge breakfasts, but sometimes get garden breakfasts if Mummy went to somewhere she could get us some from a garden she knows is safe (ours is more of a yard, and Mummy keeps trying to grow things on the windowsill, but isn’t very good at it). Whichever is the case, it’s mostly leaves involved anyhow. I always make sure to stay up for breakfast, and don’t go for my day sleep until after I’ve seen what’s for breakfast and eaten whatever my favourite thing is from what’s on offer. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Both sources look good, Biggles, but I might prefer the garden. It has cucumbers, and I know you guys all like cucumbers. And yes, garden carrots are the best – the ones from the store have been sitting around a long time and lose their sweetness and flavor. Still, carrots are one of our favorite veggies. I think we will grow some next year.

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    Being city boys, my boys get fridge meals only. I’m sure if you asked these two, they’d tell you that they will collapse from malnutrition at any moment, but I think that has less to do with the content of the meals than the fact that the help never seems to deliver meals on time.

    Sigh …

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