Early warning system

Hello, Biggles here.

We’ve had a couple of dull days where we still went out in the garden, and it brightened up occasionally which was nice. It gets cool quite early though, so Mummy brings Neville and me inside and we have our special biscuits, then she gets the other two when we’ve finished. It helps make sure Locksley doesn’t try to steal Neville’s biscuit.

Mummy says we might get an Indian summer. That’s when we have nice weather in late September. But it won’t last through to October. Mummy told us yesterday morning that we’re going on holiday in six weeks time. She had to pay for it, which is why she knows it’s coming soon.

We’re going to a place called the Peak District, and it’s about three hours north of here. She had been thinking of going there when we were still in Norfolk, and then Hampshire intervened. So it’s not as far as it was from Norfolk to here. That’s good.

Mummy’s been planning what she’d like to do when she’d there. She hopes it’ll be nice enough for us to go out on the grass. And for her to go walking and birdwatching. She says she wants to go down a cave and look at a mill, too. I don’t think the mill is in the cave. And she’ll go orienteering on the first day after we arrive. That’s the real reason she booked our holiday there and then in the first place.

So I’m just giving you advance warning that I might not be here in the middle of October. I’ll give you more news as we get it.

Other than that, it’s the same as usual. And we have to have the light on before it gets to cucumber time. I never understand why the sun changes how long the days are. Mummy will have to explain it to me again.

Hope everything is good with you


Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “Early warning system

  1. I think regular, ordinary days are the best, Biggles. We are almost at the end of our vacation in Colorado and Utah. It is lovely and cool here in the morning and brutally hot beginning around 11AM. No humidity thought, unlike at home. I think it will be nice to be home. I am looking forward to hearing about your vacation.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Thanks for warning us about your trip. Hope it goes to plan and you all have fun. Personally I like when the sun makes the day shorter, because I like the dark. It tends to not get so hot during the darker times too. Squeak soon, Mollie

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