Locksley’s learnt the hay game

Hello, Biggles here.

We’ve had a quiet week, although Neville took Locksley for his first visit to the vet on Tuesday. Nothing wrong with him (confirmed by Dr Rebekah). Mummy had to pick up some more meds for Neville because the other ones were the wrong strength or something, so she thought someone might as well see the vet. And Locksley was the only one who hadn’t been to Andover, and he hadn’t been in the car since he arrived last September, either. So it was a good experience for him, with Neville to keep him calm.

Dr Rebekah thought he was me when she first looked at him, though! Mummy sometimes can’t tell with a quick glance when we’re out on the grass. If she can see our heads, Locksley’s ears are tiny. I might have a snotty nose. I have a scar on my left eye if I’m facing her that way, but she can’t see it if not. If she can see half of us, I have a white stripe down my left shoulder and Locksley has a big white thumbprint on his right one.. And from behind, Locksley has a Sheltie tail like Roscoe did, and I have a white patch on my bottom.

One of the things I love doing is hiding in my hay. And Locksley has started to copy me! Then he plays games with Mummy by hiding in it when she wants to take him out. Sometimes Mummy plays the game too, and says ‘Where is Locksley? I can’t find him.” And she’ll do something else, like take Neville out if it’s cuddle time.

One morning last week, she came in for cuddle time and their cage was empty! Just a big pile of hay in the middle and no pigs. She stared at it for a bit, and said they’d escaped, and she’d better check the cosies in case she’d missed something. And she carefully looked in all the cosies and the tunnel and under the hammock. I could hear Neville giggling, but she couldn’t.

Then she said, “Well, Biggles, I have no idea where they’ve gone, so you’d better come out first today.”

So I had my cuddle and by the time I came back, Locksley had emerged, and Mummy took him for his cuddle. But she had to part the hay to find Neville. Locksley did it again yesterday morning, and she left him for a bit. When Neville came back Locksley moved so she could see his eye looking at her, and she laughed and said “I spy with my little eye, something beginning with L.” Locksley had a laugh then.

Ludo doesn’t hide in his hay. But yesterday he stood in the corner near the window and let Mummy pick him up for cuddle time! He’s never let her pick him up in the open before. He’s getting very brave.

I think Neville is feeling the cooler days, though. He is always first to go into a tent in the garden (which is a signal he’s ready to come in), and hiding under the hay during the night is warm too. Although I wouldn’t have thought it was warmer than his cosy or tunnel. He’s a lot lighter than he was this time last year though, so maybe he is feeling the cold more. He needs a haircut, but Mummy’s waiting till there’s a warm week, or it’s so cold we stay indoors with the heating on.

I hope that won’t happen soon. I’d like the whole of September to be warm and sunny so we can go out every day.

Let’s see what happens. See you next week.

Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “Locksley’s learnt the hay game

  1. Hey, Biggles, it sounds like you have an almost-twin! I loved your descriptions. And such good new that Ludo us slowly coming around. I love hearing about your adventures, especially hiding in the hay! I laughed!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    The hay game sounds like great fun. I love that you guys do that, and that Locksley’s learned to play the game too. Glad Locksley is niceand healthy, and Ludo is starting to come around and not be so scared of your Mummy. Squeak soon, Mollie

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