Who are all these people?

Hello, Biggles here.

I want to know who all these people are. They’ve been talking to Mummy from the computer all week, sometimes very late at night, and sometimes early in the morning too. Although those are on her little computer which she had in front of her while she gave us our morning cuddles.

It’s not like when she has the pictures of people on the screen, like Auntie Rebecca, or the people she goes orienteering with. The early noises are usually with pictures of boats or horses or golfing people on the screen. And sometimes people running and jumping or twizzling about on horizontal bars and things. But not the sliding down hills and flying into the air people. I think that’s only in winter.

Yesterday Mummy asked us if we’d like to go and run and jump cross country fences like the horses. I have to say it looked far too energetic to me, although Locksley thought it might be fun. It might be good for him. Mummy’s been giving him extra floor time when it’s been too wet to go out, or too noisy next door, or when it was supposed to be wet and it wasn’t. But we have been out on quite a few days.

Apparently it’s all called the Olympics. Mummy’s checked for me, but nobody’s talked about it before. George did talk about sport in a more general sense (here). It’s usually every fours years, but it didn’t happen last year because of the avirus thing. I wonder why Percy or Kevin didn’t talk about it? I knew Percy, and I think I knew Kevin, too. But I was very small then. Percy looked after Bertie and me when we were very young.

The other person talking to Mummy is a man. He has been reading her books to her. Actually, there was another man reading a different book last month, I think it was the audio file, she said. This week it’s been someone else, and he doesn’t read it nearly as nicely. But Mummy says it helps her edit her new book, so I suppose it’s all right. She says he’s finished now, although she might bring him back to read some things she’s changed later on. I hope not. It’s a nice voice but he makes funny sounds with the words and they don’t make sense.

We’re having very nice food at the moment. Most of it comes from the garden, although to be truthful, there’s a lot of lettuce. Apparently the hot weather made all Mummy’s lettuce come right at the same time, even though she’d worked very hard to make it spread out. But we can cope with lots of lettuce. And bean leaves, and herbs, and flower leaves, and chard, and sometimes some kale, and other wildflowers, and other leaves like strawberry and raspberry. It’s all very yummy.

And I like beans and cherries and other fruit too. Neville doesn’t like fruit, so of course Locksley won’t eat it either. Ludo tries most things on a second offering. He likes some things, and what he still leaves Mummy gives to me. He can leave it all if he likes, I don’t mind clearing up!

And we’ve got a lot of cucumber too, because Uncle Nelson next door wanted to give some of his away, and two came in Mummy’s vegetable box, and our own ones were ready too, but they’re only mini-ones, so we can cope with them. And anyway, there’s no such thing as too much cucumber.

I wonder what next week will bring? See you then.

Biggles xxxx

3 thoughts on “Who are all these people?

  1. Biggles here! We’ve all got very excited because the horse called Neville has just won the gold medal in the three day event (the one with all the galloping and jumping). She’s a mare called Amande de B’Neville, but she’s still called Neville!


  2. Victoria Zigler

    Mummy and Daddy aren’t interested enough in those olympics people to watch it. Although, sometimes Mummy watches people kicking or bouncing balls (she says it’s called “Football” and “Basketball”) and Daddy sometimes watches people throwing each other around or sliding about with sticks (he says those things are called “Wrestling” and “Hockey”). But even those things they only watch when certain people are playing, and sometimes when I hear them talk about it they say things like, “I can’t be bothered to sit and watch the game… I’ll just check the scores later.”

    You can never have too many fruits and veggies in my opinion. And it’s better to have loads than not enough. If you have too much, your Mummy could always make herself things like pickles and jams out of some of the extras, and then she can enjoy them in the winter and save whatever fresh stuff she gets for you chaps.

    Squeak soon,


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