More heat – then it went ‘Bang!’

Hello Biggles here.

Well last week’s weather went on and on, until about Friday when it rained and got steamier, then in the night we hardly slept at all because the thunderstorm was right overhead, banging and crashing. Mummy woke up and made herself a drink, and told us everything was alright. Then she went back to bed and so did we.

And she was right.

Nothing else happened except some rain. And some more rain at the weekend. It was much cooler, and rained a lot, but Sunday afternoon she tried putting me outside in the run, and Locksley came too. Neville didn’t want to come, and she said it’s only for half an hour or so, so we just ran around a bit. We did a lot of chasing, too. I can’t say it’s entirely good tempered yet, at least on my part, but maybe I should treat it as a game and stop fussing when he irritates me.

Mummy put up the old hammock for him in the corner of their run. She says he needs more exercise and mental stimulation. Well, even though she lifted him up and sat him on it, to show him what to do he still hasnt sat in it of his own accord. But I suppose it’s only been there since Saturday, so we can forgive him for being slow on the uptake. Oh – look, Mummy’s found a photo of me with it when I was very little. I don’t remember jumping in it, though. And it was much easier to fix up in the cage. Easier than the run panels.

Percy with Biggles

Oh, and Mummy says the water came up over her shoes again when she went down the bottom of the garden yesterday. She’s only got half the things she wanted to do down there done.

But the second batch of hay is all nice and dry and in the summerhouse for more drying under cover.

So we won’t starve in the winter. That’s good. And for now we’ve got lots of lovely veg coming in from the garden for breakfast. I must get Mummy to take pictures of it for you.

Hope you’re okay and didn’t have too much thunder and lightning and rain.


Biggles xxxx

4 thoughts on “More heat – then it went ‘Bang!’

  1. Carol Gilbert

    So good to hear from you . Seems like a long time.we are here in the states been a lot of rain here also. Bear and Bella have not gotten out in their run much either. Been real hot and more rain.

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Glad you’re all doing OK over there, and have plenty of hay put aside for Winter. I’m sure Locksley will figure out the hammock eventually.

    It was super hot here until Friday night too. I survived on watermelon and frozen peas (and not much of either of those things) and refused to even sniff at anything else Mummy was offering, even when it was strawberries. I started eating my veggies and such properly again over the weekend when it got a little cooler though, which made Mummy very happy. It is still a bit warm here, but not as bad as it was last week. We didn’t get much rain, and the thunder missed us. Personally I think that’s a good thing, but I know Mummy’s disappointed because she likes the thunder. She said something about how it wasn’t fair that they promised her a nice big storm after the heat, and she put up with the awful heat all week and didn’t even get her storm, when plenty of people who didn’t want one did. She’s a very strange human. Anyway, it rained enough to bring the temperature down, which I was very pleased about, and Mummy was relieved about (despite her complaints at the lack of storm).

    Squeak soon,

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  3. Good to hear from you Biggles. You are much braver with all that noise and light than my poor Angel was. We had to buy her a ‘comfort” coat – a blue coat that did calm her down and help her handle all the noise. I’m delighted that you have hay in for the winter – you Mam is planning ahead!

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  4. Auntie Dawn

    I hope it’s significantly cooler now that it was before the rain.

    It continues to be the three Hs (hazy, hot, and humid) in Hattan. We’ve got several more weeks of this to come. Don’t worry about your auntie, though; I’m used to it. It’s just summer in Noo Yawk.

    Stay cool and hydrated, boys!

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