Was it hot where you are?

Hello again, Biggles here.

It’s been very hot all this week, and it’s going to stay that way.

The good thing is that the hay Mummy cut last weekend is ready to go into the summerhouse for its final drying off period. And yesterday morning she went out and cut more, this time from down on the wildflower meadow. It’s still ‘soggy’ she says, but at least the water wasn’t coming up over her feet like it was on Wednesday. So that’s the nicest grass, and will be out on the sheet on the grass for the rest of the week. It’s not due to rain until at least Saturday, so that’ll dry just fine. “Especially in this heat,” Mummy says.

There is lots of grass on the small sheet, it’s now been spread out on the larger one

I don’t know why Mummy says it’s so hot, but she hasn’t let us out onto the grass before the shadows have been on our run. And yesterday she didn’t let us out till it was nearly time for the sun to set. We didn’t have long out, but she’d moved the runs over a little, so we had some fresh grass.

During the day we’ve stayed in our room, with the curtains closed, which is a bit weird, especially when it’s our morning run time. She opens them in mid-afternoon, then closes them again when it’s bedtime, and she leaves the door open a little so the air can come in at night. It doesn’t come in during the day, but we sometimes have a funny tall post that blows the air around in our room, which is nice and makes it feel fresh.

Mummy was out every day last week. Sometimes it was in the daytime, and sometimes in the evening. On Saturday she went out quite early so we didn’t get our usual check-up till Sunday. She went to see the horses again, and was out during the hot day. She came home and had a sleep late in the afternoon, and we didn’t go out till she’d got up again and said she was feeling better. I think she should have stayed inside with us like she usually does.

Today will be even hotter than yesterday, but then it’ll be a little easier for a while. But only a little. So I reckon we’re going to be night owls for a bit. As long as we come in before the hedgehog comes along I think we’ll be okay. We could all hear the hedgehog snuffling in the hedge yesterday and on Saturday evening, although he didn’t come out for the food Mummy puts out till we were inside and it was nearly dark outside.

I hope it’s not too hot for you where you are, and you have a nice cool breeze inside your shady room. And I hope you didn’t have floods in your area either. Mummy says our friends in Germany are fine, not in the area that was flooded. They’re in the area Mummy called ‘Rhineland’ in her books – well, in Bravo Victor.

Keep safe, love

Biggles xxxx

5 thoughts on “Was it hot where you are?

  1. Victoria Zigler

    I’m glad you’re managing OK in the heat,and managing to avoid the hedgehog. Being nocturnal is a good plan, but doesn’t completely help with the heat. Take it from me. It’s very hot here too, and I’ve not been eating properly because of it, even though I have two of those blowing post things, a cooling slab, and what breeze there is coming in through the open windows (the sun never shines directly in the room I’m in, because buildings block it, so Mummy’s been leaving the curtains and windows open for me, even at bedtime). All Mummy’s been able to get me to eat the past few days is the occasional frozen veggie, and she’s starting to worry. She even checked me from nose to tail to make sure there’s nothing else wrong, especially checking my mouth. But she can’t find anything wrong. I’m just too hot. Chinchillas don’t cope with heat at all, and it’s so hot here even the tortoise is commenting on how warm it is. Squeak soon, Mollie

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    1. Biggles here, we’re all worrying about you now, Mollie. You must eat a little, or at least drink lots of water. How about cucumber? Or some fresh fruit? I had strawberry the other night which was delish.
      Hold on for a few more days. Mummy says it will be raining on Saturday. Maybe.

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      1. Victoria Zigler

        Thanks for worrying about me. Mummy says I should drink more too. And she’s been offering me fresh fruits and cucumber every day. Usually I love those things, but I’ve just not been very interested. Although, she offered me some watermelon today, and I did eat several bites of that. Mummy says it’s a good start, but she wishes I’d eat more than a couple of bites. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Biggles, we are having terrible heat here, too. Last week it was like an oven – 43 degrees on our patio and front doorway. It just takes your breath away. Today is the first day in several weeks where it’s almost pleasant, but that’s because it’s raining. If you do anything outside it has to be very early in the morning because it doesn’t cool down here until 1 or 2 AM.
    I am glad you are managing to stay cool and avoid the hedgehog!

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    It’s always hot and humid and just disgusting this time of year in Mariusz’s land of Hattan. We have a machine that blows cool air, called, appropriately, an air conditioner. It uses a lot of energy, which is bad, but we wouldn’t be able to live without it. The boys and feathery menaces are very comfortable.


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