Dr Rebekah stuck a needle in me!

Hello, Biggles here.

It’s been a funny week. Sometimes it was sunny and sometimes it rained, and sometimes we went out when it looked like rain and stayed indoors when it was sunny. I’m sure Mummy knew what she was doing. Actually, most times when it was sunny she went out. But she didn’t go out much. She’s says she’s going out every day next week. I hope we still get some grass time.

We’ve had a nice run alongside the vegetable beds this week. Locksley has now got over his over-excitement enough to run around with us, but he still gets irritating every now and then. I have to tell him off when he tries to jump on me and push me about. Neville seems to have decided it’s easier to just ignore him and carry on eating. Although I did see Locksley sitting next to Neville a lot when they were in their cage. He’s quite sweet, really.

One day Mummy noticed I had lost some hair, and there seemed to be a small hole in my back. She put some honey cream on it. A few days later she saw the patch had grown larger, so she took me see Dr Rebekah. I think she was worried the thyroid medicine wasn’t working.

We went the usual way, and I think it went smoothly, although Mummy says things to other drivers sometimes. I don’t know why, because they can’t hear her.

Dr Rebekah was happy to see us, and looked me over carefully, and also looked at some hairs with lumps on them that Mummy had taken from behind Neville’s ears. I was feeling very sensitive on my behind, and I’m afraid I told her so, and she told Mummy, but both of them seemed to think I had communicated well.

I’ve got mites. That’s what was making me so sore and itchy. Dr Rebekah told Mummy, and they talked about my hay and bedding, and then Dr Rebekah took me back in and stuck a needle in me! It was only ‘ouchy’ for a moment, though, and she rubbed it better. And Mummy asked afterwards if it might be from the hedgehogs in the garden, and she said yes, and watch for fleas too. So maybe that’s why we havent gone out in the garden since Friday. Or maybe it’s been because of the rain and the wet grass.

Mummy came home a different way. It was not as smooth as the other way, but Mummy didn’t talk to any drivers, and she seemed much happier when we got back. I think I can put up with the sways and ups and downs if I’m feeling okay, but I wouldn’t like it if I was sick. I think Mummy understands my point of view on that. She says this other way takes the same time, and is probably safer, but it does have more hills and bends in it.

She says it’s a bit like the quick way from our old house going west, but I’ve never been that way, and when she thought about it, she said the last pig who travelled that way was Percy, when he went to the specialist vet, and before that it was the day Roscoe and Neville came down from Newcastle. Apparently George did it lots of times. Poor George.

When we got in, the other boys had to have the stuff that makes their ears all wet. I think the needle thing was a quick way of giving the same thing to me. So they’ve had wet necks for days and I’ve been nice and dry. But even though Mummy had changed our beds the day before, she changed them again. Oh, we went out on the grass that day for an hour or two. She put all our cagewear in the wash, too. It mostly dried in the sun while we were out.

So, that was last week. We’ve all got to have mite treatment again, and if it is the hedgehog giving them to us, Mummy says she’ll probably do it every few weeks over the summer while we’re still going out.

On the other plus side, we’ve got a new box of hay, and unlike the last four or five boxes, this one is really scrumptious. (That’s even better than yummy).

Hope you had a good week. See you next time.

Biggles xxxx

2 thoughts on “Dr Rebekah stuck a needle in me!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    Glad Locksley has calmed down some. Sorry about the mites though. Hope the hedgehogs learn to keep them to themselves, or the stuff for them works, so you can stop having sore spots from them. Great news about the hay being so good this time. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Nice to hear that Locksley is fitting in, Biggles. Mites are real pests, along with fleas and ticks.
    We have to do tick checks here. There’s not much you can do except take your medicine and banish the hedgehogs!

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