Lumpless in Hampshire

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

Yes, I know that Biggles was due a turn, but it’s my lump, so I can do what I want with it. Well, no, I haven’t got it any more. Mam had a call from the vet, who had the lab report on it. I know a joke involving a Lab report and a Cat scan, but Mam says you’ll know it too. Just laugh, eh?

Anyway. I’m fine. The lump was a tricho-thing-oma, which means it was a cancerous growth in the hair follicle, but the whole lump was taken out, and it’s not something that spreads, so I’m all clear. I’m off my meds!! Although I still have my metacam (a lower dose than before) and my extra food, which I’m starting to enjoy.

Biggles is still on his heart medicine, and Mam’s continuing his antibiotics for another week as he’s still very snotty. Although generally he doesn’t have a dribble running down his nose like he did. So I think he’s improving. He’s lost weight, and I have too. But Mam’s worried about mine and not his. (Not yet, she says over my shoulder).

One of the reason’s we’ve all lost weight again is the extra exercise that comes from living with a teenager.

Yes! Locksley’s moved in with us.

Something the vet who saw Ludo said to Mam made her conclude he’s a bachelor pig. He’s had six months of trying to be a sociable type, but really, he loves humans cuddling him, and he hates socialising with us. He was probably on his own for the first eighteen months of his life, so it’s not surprising. Mam decided it was best if Locksley left him to do his own thing, and came and lived with us.

Well, we watched as Mam rearranged the cage panels, and knew something was up. We went back on Wednesday after full cage clean, and found our two 3×2 rooms apartment had turned into a huge long 5×2 plus 2×2 snug. 7 panels long! It’s huge! Sometimes we’re all spread out in it, like breakfast time when Mam puts out four piles of veg for us. Of course that means we check out each one in pairs, and get the best of each of them.

The first morning was a bit tiring, though. Locksley was just a bit over-excited! He’s been running with us on the floor since before Christmas, but he was overjoyed to be with us full time. Ludo seemed perfectly happy to have got rid of him, at last. He’s been bullying him and Mam’s been worrying about it. So after Locksley gave up mounting us continuously for the first four hours, we settled down.

Locksley mainly cuddles Biggles, who’s very tolerant. You should see them together–they look like Biggles and his shadow. Then he’ll notice Neville sitting quietly in a corner and he’ll go and jump on him to see what happens. Generally nothing–Nev ignores him. Sometimes he gets a nose bop from him, if Locksley’s being specially irritating.

And he’ll come and try it on with me, too, but generally I bop him before he starts and he goes away again. He’s a good chap, really, just in that awkward growing stage they go through when they’re around six months old (he is about seven now).

In fact, today, Ludo and Locksley have been with us for six months. Or maybe tomorrow. Or Thursday if you’re counting it as the day of the week.

Ludo is still the pig of mystery, Locksley is, well, he’s got a lot of potential to be a charming young man.

I’m glad he’s moved in with us. I think he’s got a real chance to grow up as a normal, healthy guinea pig now. Ludo’s a bit weird. Mam thinks he’ll always be like this: wonderful for a human to cuddle, but not able to relate to other guinea pigs. But she said to keep trying. Even Hector came round in the end, and so will Ludo. It just takes time.

Yeah, Mam, if you say so.

See you next time.


Roscoe xxxxx

PS Mam made a video of the first few minutes of Locksley being in with us. She says she’ll put it on the Facebook page.

4 thoughts on “Lumpless in Hampshire

  1. I think the decision to let Ludo be on his own is a good one, and it sounds like Locksley will be the better for it by socializing with the rest of you, Roscoe. Also maybe Ludo’s weight can be controlled that way. At least he likes human cuddling. What a happy dorm room you all have now! Lots of room to scuttle about and play – even if Locksley is a bit much!

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  2. Victoria Zigler

    Sorry I’m late in here this week, but it’s Mummy’s fault: she broke her paw, and now we’re behind on everything. Anyway, that’s great about your lump, and about Biggles improving. Hope the new arrangement continues to work out… Sounds like everyone’s happy with it so far anyhow. Squeak soon, Mollie

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