No more weeks like last week, please!

Way-aye, Roscoe here. Great job, Biggles, for the last couple of weeks. I think yesterday morning he thought he’d be doing this one too, but I’m feel up to it, so here I am.

So, you know we went to the vet last week, on Monday, and stayed there most of the day. I had my op, and woke up with a very sore bottom. Well, it’s not really my bottom, it’s at the top of my leg where it joins my body, but when Mam carries me she puts her hand around it to get to the far end, if you see what I mean. Maybe I should get Mam to take a photo. I really felt rough, anyway, but it was good to get home and have a good snooze in my own quarters.

Biggles had his own op, they made him have a snooze while they took pictures of him, well, his insides. It turns out Mam was wrong, and he did have something really wrong with him. He had something called congestion in his nose and lungs, and the roots of his teeth showed some sort of infection, and his heart was all enlarged. And Dr Brittany and Dr Rebecca decided that everything was due to the heart problem, so he’s now having two types of medicine for his heart, and also the antibiotics which I’m having, and now he’s having metacam too.

And, you know, he seems really sprightly on it. He lost a bit of weight in the last couple of weeks, well, we all have (except the youngsters). But I’ve still been feeling rotten, and uncomfortable, and he’s feeling great! It’s not fair.

Mam told me yesterday that I needed to eat more, and she was giving me some special food that all the piggies she’s given it to have loved. Well, I don’t know why Victor, Colman, Kevin and Percy were so keen on it, but maybe there’s something worse that I don’t know about. She gives it to me from a little pot, using the tube like she gives me my meds. She gives me at least two tubes full. Well, if I don’t take the tube away from her and tell her very firmly I’ve had enough. She says I ought to have five tubes three times a day, and I refuse to have more than one and a half. I expect we’ll have this conversation every day until I put on a bit of weight. Or at least settle at a new, lower weight. Nev and Biggles have settled, but I’m still losing. Only Locksley is lighter than me!

Well, I don’t care.

Ludo has got really tubby. Mam’s taken their food bowls away. You can imagine what they think of that. She says Ludo’s weight has rocketed since Christmas, and he’s got fatty lumps around his shoulders and legs. I think that’s what the vet told her, because she took him when we went back for our follow-up on Friday. Mam thinks it may be because he used to live outside and ate lots for the winter in case it got cold. And of course we’re nice and warm indoors. She’s given them a bowl of readi-grass today.

Two trips to the vet, and meds twice and day, and this food stuff three times a day. I told you it was busy. I don’t want any more weeks like last week. And I want my scar to heal properly and stop being sore. And so does Mam. But at least I’m home and I’ve got my snugglesacks, and sometimes we get grass from the garden, too.

I hope you’re well and enjoying the lighter days.


Roscoe xxxxx

3 thoughts on “No more weeks like last week, please!

  1. Victoria Zigler

    That sounds like a dreadful week for all of you.

    I’m sorry you’re so sore. I hope you heal up quickly, and stop losing weight. I understand you not wanting to eat something that doesn’t taste good, but I hope you’ll try to put up with it.

    I’m very sorry it turns out Biggles is so unwell. I hope his medicines help him.

    Squeak soon,

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  2. What a difficult week – not one I would like to endure, Roscoe. Biggles certainly is having challenges, but hopefully his medicine will make him feel better. You do need to eat, my little friend, and gain some weight! Maybe Ludo could give you some of his? 🙂

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  3. Auntie Dawn

    I’m sending special healing smooches for you and Biggles.

    Be good for Mummy when she gives you the tube feedings. Speaking from experience, it’s no fun for the one giving the feeding.

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