It’s been so noisy!

Hello, Biggles here. It’s my turn to blog today. I hope you enjoyed the last one.

This week has been so noisy!

It started okay. Then Mummy told us the doors were going to be replaced. There would be lots of noise. But if it got too bad, she would put us in our boxes in the quietest place.

Well, that sounded fine to me. But she didn’t. Put us in our boxes, that is.

To be fair, it wasn’t too bad most of the time. Just when they did our door, and maybe Mummy’s next to it. But Mummy was working on the computer and ignoring it, so we ignored it too. I was in my tunnel, which muffled the noise a bit. Ludo and Locksley were in their tunnels, although Ludo had his face out, watching Mummy. But Roscoe didn’t seem to mind it one bit! He was lying out on his hay, sleeping, while the men made horrible squealing noises with the machine on the door.

Mummy did check on us. I saw her look at us several times,. She was trying to work out whether we were scared. We weren’t scared, because Mummy didn’t seem worried. Well, maybe Ludo was a bit scared.

Our door is the one at the end. This was before they put the handle on – that was the very noisy bit

Anyway that was all done and cleared away, and Mummy’s very happy with her new doors. Ours is very nice. It’s got glass all the way down to about guinea pig height. If she closes it, she can see us if we’re on the floor. It’s much nicer having a see-through door when it’s pointing into the room, too.

Saturday was blissfully quiet. Yesterday it got really noisy again. I don’t know why Ludo and Locksley were making so much noise. I went over and chatted to them at one stage. That only seemed to make them worse. They were bickering, and complaining. Locksley carried on with his baby noises for hours on end. I’m sure there was nothing wrong.

Look how big he is now – nearly 800 gms, Mummy says

I think Ludo got upset that Locksley had been talking to me. He’s a bit jealous if anyone talks to Locksley except Mummy. Mummy sat and looked at them, and talked to them severely. She said they had to learn to make friends with us or they wouldnt have nearly as nice a run when it got to grass time in the spring. I think they’ll have to have the tall panels anyway. We know Ludo can jump the small ones if he really wants to.

Anyway, that was our week. Mummy says she might have to make it smell funny this coming week. She has to wipe special oil all over the doors. I don’t want to be rude, but Mummy often makes funny smells in the kitchen, so it won’t really be anything new.

And we have a Christmas tree, Roscoe showed you that last week. Now there are some Christmas decorations around the house. None in our room, though. Not that we usually have them. I just thought you’d like to know.

Roscoe will be here next week. I’ll see you next time – when it will be After Christmas!



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