Busy week for Mam and me

Way-aye, Roscoe here again. I hope you enjoyed our Biggles first post last week. I think he did a grand job.

This week has been full of stuff. Most days Mam had a person on her computer talking to her. Well, different people, and sometimes they showed pictures of birds. Apparently they can track birds with a little teeny blob that sits on their ankle joint, or maybe it’s their elbow. And they work out where they fish so humans can protect those areas, and where they fly to in winter, and all sorts. See, I was listening, Mam.

Mam seems fine after her eye operation. She had a patch over her eye at night, well, she had it on first thing in the morning when she said hello to us, and then took it off in her bathroom. She isn’t wearing it now, so I suppose enough time has gone by. She’s been wearing all sorts of different glasses on her nose, too. She seems to have settle on one very light pair that she looks over the top of when she looks at us. And she trimmed our nails on Saturday with very little fumbling! I heard her tell Neville off for squeaking when she was nowhere near hurting him. He told me he didn’t believe she could do it without getting even a little bit close to hurting. Not a really bad hurt, mind.

What else. Oh, some men came one afternoon and went round all the doors telling each other numbers. Mam says they’re coming back this week to put in new doors leading onto the hall, which is the central corridor. If they have to make a lot of noise she’ll put us in our boxes and move us to the quietest room. She’s good that way, isn’t she?

And we’ve made our Facebook page all Christmassy, and I’m there in my hat, and you can see this is all nice and festive, with an advent calendar of boars in Christmas hats – mostly. And Mam’s made the special Christmas tree up in the living room. I checked it over this morning, and it looks very nice.

Ooh, look, the tree has all the dangly things of us boys, and mine’s on the right!

And now….

Our Official Christmas Photograph!

Have a nice week, and I’ll send Biggles back to talk to you next week.


Roscoe xxxx

3 thoughts on “Busy week for Mam and me

  1. You are very festive indeed, Roscoe, and I thought Biggles did a good job last week. Your Christmas portrait is very handsome.
    Looks like renovations are still going on in your new home – we will be getting bookcases built in January. We had shelves put in the garage but not enough space yet for all the box contents!

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  2. Sounds very noisy and eventful. And, yes, I think Biggles did a great job with his first post.

    Sorry I’m so late in here, but first we moved to a new place, and then the human caretakers were trying to share a computer wire or something, and it meant Mummy’s computer mostly ended up not able to go online until she opened up enough boxes that she found the other one.

    Squeak soon,

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