Lots of visitors

Way-aye, Roscoe here again.

We had lots of visitors this week just gone. Mam had gone out, as Bertie told you. She came back on Friday. She told us all about it, the banging, the noises, and the foot through the ceiling that would have terrified us. Not to mention that half of it fell into Bertie’s cage!

We knew Auntie Claire was coming on Tuesday, because Mam told us (even if Bertie wasn’t listening). We didn’t know that Auntie Teisha was coming, though. So she came on Monday, Auntie Claire came Tuesday and Wednesday or was it Thursday, then Mam came home.

Then Saturday both Auntie Teisha and Auntie Claire came, one after the other. We got well cucumbered that day! Auntie Claire sat in our room and chatted to us and Mam for a while. I enjoyed the sound of their voices, really relaxing, so I fell asleep.

Mam went out again on Sunday afternoon (yesterday) but she’s coming back today. She said she had to be there for the electrician.

It’s all very complicated, isn’t it.

But – exciting news – she says our room should be finished on Thursday afternoon, so she’s probably going to take us with her this time.

I hope we have photos for next week. Watch this space as they say.

Bye for now

Roscoe xx

2 thoughts on “Lots of visitors

  1. I’m glad you weren’t there for the scary moment with the foot going through the ceiling – especially with some of it ending up in Bertie’s cage – and that you had lots of visitors keeping you company while your Mummy wasn’t able to be there. Hope your room will be ready so you can go with her next time. Bet you’ll be glad when you guys get to go to the new place for good though. Squeak soon, Mollie

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  2. Can’t wait to see your new digs, guys! A foot through the ceiling can be rather scary – my husband put his foot through my daughter’s ceiling when he was up in the attic doing something. It was months before the damage got repaired.


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