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Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World

Today is ten years since George wrote his ‘Hello’ greeting to readers of his brand new blog.  I thought we could celebrate with a recap and a giveaway, which closes on 13th June.


George was a modest chap, very keen on new technology, and on engineering his surroundings to make them more comfortable for Fred and himself.  He was appointed Forum Mechanic of the Rodents With Attitude Forum (sadly no longer with us), and amused many people with his matter-of-fact way of solving their piggy problems.  He also mentored them on using the site. Continue reading “Ten years of George’s Guinea Pig World”

Guinea pig book raffle

Mummy here.  I thought you’d like to join in with a festive Giveaway that is running on my Princelings of the East website, and on my writer’s blog. The first prize is a delightful book that I won in a Giveaway last year – but it’s in excellent condition and only read once… Continue reading “Guinea pig book raffle”