I’m being interviewed by Joshua!

Hello everyone.  Happy New Year.  Bertie here.

We had a nice new year.  I’m not sure what new year is, but it was nice.  Mummy stayed up late one night last week because she said there might be fireworks, but there were only a few and they weren’t too noisy.

Something exciting happened this week.

Mummy received an email asking if Joshua could interview me for his blog post!

We’re always very happy to read Joshua’s comments on our posts.  I’m sorry I’m not very good at answering them.  Mummy has to do complicated things so I can do that, so I just click the ‘like’ button.  It says liked by Mummy, but it’s really me.

four month old Bertie with his uncle pig Percy, showing Percy's lump on his cheekAnyway, Joshua sent all his questions across and I answered them, and Mummy helped me find the best photos for it.  I wanted one of me with Percy.  Mummy said “wouldn’t you like one that shows you off in all your glory?” And I said, “no, the one of me and Percy on the chair would be good.”

I miss Percy.  But I’m not missing him as bad as I used to.  Mummy says that’s normal, and she feels the same way.

Soo, you’re going to have to wait to read my interview, because it’s going to be out on Friday 22nd March.  That’s a long time away yet.  I’ll remind you nearer the time.  I’ll try and get a picture of Joshua to show you some time.  He’s not a guinea pig. Mummy says he’s a daygoo, but apparently that’s spelt degu. Well, I suppose guinea isn’t spelt ginny, so I’ll let him off.

Have I shown you the picture of me with cousin Dani?  I look extremely handsome in this one.  Dani looks extremely pretty too.  We make a great couple, don’t you think?  Even if Dani does have ratties, not guineas.

Dani and Bertie


2 thoughts on “I’m being interviewed by Joshua!

  1. Hi Bertie,

    Things got really noisy with fireworks here one night last week. It might have been the same night, since it did happen very late. Mostly we’re OK about fireworks – by “we” I mean me, my chinchilla sisters, and the Lilie dog – but those were so big and loud we got a bit scared. Because we’re usually OK about them, the human caretakers had gone to bed, but they got up to check on us when the really big fireworks happened. We were OK, just a bit scared. But the Mummy human, who usually loves fireworks best out of all of us, said even she found that a bit much. Anyway, we got some cuddles, and then al went back to bed, so it was all OK in the end.

    I’m glad you’re excited about being interviewed. I’ll get the human caretakers to help me pick a good photo of me to send over to you.

    It’s OK about not answering my comments. As long as you enjoy reading them, that’s good enough for me. Speaking of comments though, thanks for your comment on my post about Christmas.

    Squeak soon,

    (P.S. I always use the Mummy human’s account for posting and commenting, but it’s really me, even if it doesn’t look like it).

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