B for Beetroot #AtoZChallenge



Hello and welcome to George’s Guinea Pig World.  I’m Percy, and I run this place with Kevin.  George set it up in 2009, which is before I was born.  I live with Bertie & Biggles in a nice cage next to Oscar, and his brother Midge lives next to Kevin.

Our A to Z theme is “Our Favourite Things”

bB is for Beetroot

Everyone loves beetroot, even me, and I can be rather selective about my morning veggies. Kevin adores it. The problem with some pigs eating beetroot is that they are incredibly messy. I’m not messy, but then I’m black, so if I got beetroot juice down my chin you wouldn’t notice it.

Here’s a picture of George after eating beetroot. I never met George, but he’s very important, a great engineer and he’s one of the stars in Mummy’s books. I don’t think I’m in Mummy’s books yet. Kevin is.

Beetroot Face
George – Beetroot Face

I suppose I ought to add that my new favourite things beginning with B are Bertie and Biggles.  They’ve been here exactly two weeks now, and so they are eight weeks old.

You can see them in these videos on Facebook. Running aroundIn the garden (these are the same ones as last week, if you read that post)

Come back tomorrow for the letter C.

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    1. Kevin

      They are tiny, although they’ve grown a lot in the last two weeks. They’re learning fast, too. Mummy suggested we post a progress report on them on Sundays, or they’ll be all grown up by the time we get to May.


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