Meet Biggles and Bertie

Bertie and Biggles arrived on Monday afternoon.  It was raining hard and I was just dozing quietly on my bed, when Mummy came in.  She’d been gone since lunchtime.  She took a box with her, which was strange, since when she takes a box with her, she usually puts one or two of us in it to go to the vet.  This time she brought it back with two baby piggies in it, brothers – six weeks old, and gave them both to me!

I don’t know who was most surprised, them or me. But for the next couple of hours I was rushed off my feet!  They didn’t stop chasing around, jumping on me, telling me what to do (I told them right back what they should do.)  Eventually they got tired.  I was glad, because I was tired too, and we all had nice snoozes and relaxed again.  Mummy was very pleased to see us getting along fine.

They are very nice chaps, especially now they’ve settled in a little.  I can tell Bertie is going to be a mischief.  Biggles might, too, but he’s shyer, and more inclined to listen, or hide under my camouflage sack while I’m lying on top of it.  Bertie’s the one with the white face.  He has very sleek, silver hair.  Each hair is multi-coloured, which means he’s a ‘silver agouti’.  Biggles is fluffier, really soft and fluffy.  He looks very like Midge, in fact there’s a video on our facebook page which shows them together, and apart from size they look no different.  Midge has a white nose stripe, though.

It was even more exciting on Saturday when we all went out in the garden together for the first time.  Us older chaps had been out a few times in the last two weeks, but on Saturday, Mummy put the Bs and me out, then brought down Kevin and Midge and stood by, watching.  I expect she thought that Bertie would be all over Midge and Kevin like he was with me.  Midge is a nice chap, but he’s quite firm with his dignity.  What happened was… nothing!  You’d have thought that everyone had been getting along together for years!  Mummy was so pleased.

Of course, Oscar still carries on like he’s something special, and although I run around with him in the kitchen okay, he got bossy when we were out in the garden the other week, so Mummy popped me in with Kevin and Midge, which is much more sociable.  Sigh.  I don’t know what Mummy’s going to do with Oscar, but if he can’t be friendly, he’ll just have to lump it.

Meanwhile, I’ll continue teaching Biggles and Bertie how to be proper guinea pigs, until they’re big enough to be left on their own.  At the rate they’re growing, that probably won’t be more than a few weeks.

Link to the video on Facebook

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  1. Welcome to Biggles and Bertie! You are just the guinea pig to help them adapt and grow up into right proper gentlemen, Percy. I hope they know how lucky they are to have landed where they are!

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