The Disappearing Lump – part 2

Percy here.  I know we said this before, but my lump has more or less disappeared again.  In fact it’s been tiny for the last couple of weeks.  Mummy has felt my chin and jaw very carefully, and says if she didn’t know it was there, she certainly wouldn’t find it.

I said “does that mean I don’t have to have my meds any more?”  Even though I don’t have as much as after I went to Dr Simon, I’m still having one dose of metacam and my nutrimed daily.

Mummy said, “no, you’re still having your meds.  Remember what happened last time it went down and I stopped giving you them?”

“Oh, yes,” I said.  What happened then was after a few weeks my lump grew so big Mummy thought it was The End.  I don’t want that to happen.  I mean, it’s nearly time for fresh grass and running in the sunshine.  So I’m still having a small dose of my meds, and Mummy said she’ll ask Dr Sally if maybe I drop to metacam every other day.

It isn’t sunshine and grass weather yet.  There was a little bit of grass  we had from the garden about a month ago, but we’ve had none since before Mummy went out for the week that Auntie Vikki visited.  Roscoe showed you some of the pics from that last week, but here are some more.  Look how sleek my left cheek is!   This weekend we had snow again, but not as bad as before.  Mummy says she hopes we’ll be into spring soon, and it’s Easter next weekend, so things will start Looking Up.

looking up
Me and Auntie Vikki Looking Up

I do a lot of Looking Up but I generally only see Mummy coming towards me, or the light shining down, or the top of my cage.  Maybe everything Looks Up when the sun shines, though, and that’s what Mummy means.

Percy in the daffodils; 3 March 2016

Apparently these daffodils are just coming into bloom, so maybe that’s the signal for us to go outside soon. This pic was from two years ago, I think. Oh yes, the date is on it.

Mummy’s URI has nearly cleared up.  She still coughs sometimes, but the worst of the snorting seems over.  I think she needs to go out in the garden more, but it’s not warm enough for her, either.  The test is whether she can sit outside without a coat on.  I’ll keep you informed.

PS Thank you for the photos, Auntie Vikki ❤





A for Aunties #AtoZChallenge


IMG_3016Hi!  I’m Kevin, and if you’re visiting from the A to Z Challenge you may be confused.  Yes, I’m a guinea pig.  And our site is George’s Guinea Pig World because it’s all George’s work in setting it up in 2009.  We blog every week – me or Percy, who’s also a guinea pig. We share the work here.  We also live with Oscar and Midge.

For this year’s challenge we’re doing “Our Favourite Things”

a A is for Aunties

Aunties are people Mummy knows who know us through her books and our blogging.  They’ve usually got piggies of their own.  Some of them may even read this post!

Here is Auntie Dawn when she first visited us, here in the UK.  She’s cuddling Victor, who’s also a guinea pig, although he’s over the Rainbow Bridge now.

Victor and Auntie Dawn
Victor and Auntie Dawn

Here’s another Auntie – Auntie Vikki, who lives not far away and often comes to see us when Mummy’s away as well as when Mummy’s here.  Here’s a picture of her cuddling Midge, who lives in the run next to me.  Midge is Oscar’s brother, but they don’t get on.  Vikki had their mother and father, Belle and Tatum.  Vikki used to run the rescue, which is where lots of Mummy’s pigs came from.  That’s why they are friends.

Vikki with Midge
Vikki with Midge

Auntie Shirley also visits us sometimes, and she and Uncle Barry do our teeth.  You can read about their last visit here.

Aunties are very important people and we love them very much. ❤

Come back tomorrow when we’ll do letter B.

Oscar and Midge have been here two years!

Kevin here again.  It’s a weekend of anniversaries for us here, since it’s two years since Humphrey went over the Rainbow Bridge, and three days later Mummy brought Oscar and Midge home from Auntie Vikki’s house.  Or did Auntie Vikki come over and visit us all?  I can’t remember, maybe the latter.  I always enjoy it when Auntie Vikki comes to visit.

Oscar & Midge 271114

Anyway, Mummy put Oscar and Midge in the cage next door to Dylan and Dougall, the one Humphrey and Victor had lived in.  And Dylan got the hump.  Big time.  He hated that Humphrey and Victor had gone, and he blamed it all on Oscar and Midge.  And Oscar took one look at Dylan and decided he had to out-boss him.  Bad move, Oscar… you were never going to win that battle.  Mummy made sure you didn’t fight him of course, although Dylan gave you a sharp nip every now and then to put you in your place, and then you started bullying Midge, and Mummy had to separate you.

You still don’t get on, even though you’ve forgiven Mummy whatever it was that you used to bite her for.  Midge is a sweet boy, but you, Oscar are like Jekyll and Hyde – one minute loving and cuddly (mainly with Mummy) and the next minute biting the bars and rumbling at me or Midge in the garden.  It’s a good thing Percy gets on with you.  But then, he gets on with everyone.  Even me, even though I don’t show it.

Anyway, happy Gotcha Day, Oscar and Midge.  You lucky boys!