Our Calendar Boars

Someone asked why our little slideshow on the right is called ‘Calendar Boars’.

Every year Mummy gets something called a calendar made.  It hangs on the wall by her computer things, so Midge and I can see it.  Apparently last summer, before the Great Flood, there was another copy hanging on the wall downstairs so Percy & Oscar could see it, but it was only because there was a mistake with it, so she ended up with two.

So the calendar has two halves.  The top is pictures, mostly of us, but sometimes of other things like trees,  the moon,  flowers, or birds.  All things she’s photographed, usually in the current year.  Then the bottom part, this is the clever bit, it has a grid with the days of the month laid out so she can tell what day and date it is.  And each month the page changes and we have new pictures and a new month layout.

So each month when the page changes, Mummy updates our ‘Calendar Boars’ slideshow to show the pictures that are on her calendar, well the pictures of us, anyway.  Isn’t that nice?  So now you know.

I wonder who will be in the new calendar for 2017?

2016-03-08 10.49.56

Mummy gave me a sneak peek, and I can tell you this one of Oscar is on the cover, but we’ll never see that, because it’ll have its page next to the wall all year.  The other one that’s on the cover is Hugo, pretending to be one of the three kings.  That’s at the top of this post.


5 thoughts on “Our Calendar Boars

  1. Janet Gibbens

    Oh my goodness!! Prudence and Pip have been frantically walking ALL over the Christmas cards. They can’t believe your Christmas card was missed in the mailing. Pip says it Prudences fault. Prudence says it’s Pip’s fault. They still want to send their card and apologize for being ‘jelly bean brains’. Mailing address please.

    Thank you!! Auntie Janet

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