Dear Santa

Apparently Christmas is coming.  That’s when we give presents to our friends and family and get them from them too.  And sometimes people write letters to someone called Santa in case she tells Mummy want we’d really like.

So, here goes.


Dear Santa

If you’ve got time, it would be really nice of you to let Mummy know what we’d like here this Christmas.

  1. Food.  We always like food.  Fancy food is nice, like herbs or little hay nuggets.  Otherwise ordinary food will do, like herbs and lettuce and other leaves.  And hay and nuggets.
  2. Snuggly things.  I’ve already got a lovely snuggly bed, but both Oscar and Midge would like one of those each, although Midge does a very clever curling up on his tunnel to use it like a bed.  Then he uses it like a tunnel, so it’s a kind of dual-purpose snuggly.  If you got Oscar one of them he’d stop being jealous of mine.
  3. Chewy things.  Apparently once upon a time my grassy tunnel had grass on the inside and outside, but it’s all gone now.  Midge says he still has some on his, but Kevin’s is all gone too.  So grassy tunnels for me and Kevin would go down fine.
  4. Something nice for Mummy.  Maybe a large umbrella for the garden so she can sit in the shade when it’s hot next summer.  And maybe it would help cover our runs too.  That makes it a Very Useful Present, since we’d all like it.

Does that sound too much?  I hope not, I don’t want to sound greedy.  Oh, and if your reindeer need some hay, it’s in the bag opposite our cages.

Lots of love

Percy xxxx

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