Busy week!

We had a busy week. Not just eating hay, sleeping, eating grass, chasing round, sleeping, eating pellets, sleeping, cuddling and eating our breakfast leaves and carrots and stuff.  No, we had visitors and photocalls, too.

Tuesday was sunny, so Mummy took Percy outside to have his picture taken with some daffodils.  He’d never been outside before and he thought it was wonderful – if a bit cold.  He said Mummy tucked him in her blue fleecy jacket so he kept warm between shots.  Then he came back in and Oscar went out to have his photo taken, too.

Then Wednesday afternoon it was all wet and horrid, and Mummy came back early from golf in time to see Auntie Shirley and Uncle Barry.  Usually we have to go to see them to have our teeth done.  And since they weren’t looking at our teeth, I didn’t mind giving Auntie Shirley a cuddle.  And Midge cuddled Uncle Barry.

Thursday was nice and Mummy spent a lot of time in the gardening.  We had some kale afterwards, and some sprouting broccoli leaves and stalk on Friday.  Saturday and Sunday were rather quiet after all that excitement.  I was so tired, I went to sleep.  I’m sure you can’t believe that!

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