Dougall’s gift to us all

I’ve been feeling a bit itchy.  Midge said he was itchy, and that Oscar was very itchy, and that made him very grumpy.  I thought Oscar was always grumpy, but maybe I’m being unkind.

Dougall with his haircut off

Anyway, Mummy got itchy on her wrist and guessed what the cause was.  So we’ve all had Ivermectin spot-on to get rid of our mites, or lice, or whatever was making us itchy.  And Mummy thinks that they jumped off Dougall onto Dylan and Oscar, then jumped off Dylan onto me and the others.  And then she remembered what a terrible time Dougall had with mites when he was little, around the time he grew his hair, then had it cut off to help him control the mites. Around the time when Mummy got her sore eyes, which have recently been diagnosed as an allergic reaction causing eczema, whatever that is.  Well, it’s a sore and red itchiness round Mummy’s eyes, that has had her unhappy for – well, nearly four years.  And it’s been a lot better since Christmas, but then the specialist gave her a cream which fixed it.  And then Dyl went, and Mummy says she hasn’t even got the runny nose now, although that could just be coincidence that her cold has finished.

Poor Mummy – all that time she’s been suffering because of being allergic to Dougall and Dylan.

She’s says she’d rather have the itchy eyes and have them back, though.

I love Mummy.  She’s wonderful ❤

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  1. Yes, she is wonderful. She takes such good care of you! I developed an allergy to my daughter’s horse – had to medicate even to get close, so such things do happen. Hope the itchies depart soon.

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