I need help with our social media

I’ve got the hang of the jargon, anyway, but with just me doing both the Facebook Page and the blog I feel a bit busy.  And, as Mummy pointed out when she thought I was looking a bit peaky last week, I did have my fifth birthday last autumn.  So by now I’m five and a half.  I’m feeling a lot brighter since Tuesday, though, as Mummy has been giving me Emeraid as well as some Metacam.  Yummy!! She says I’ve got a touch of artheritis as well as ‘waiting for spring’ blues.  I’m still okay going up the ramp to the loft, though.  When that got too much for Colman we swapped runs, and I’m sure he wasn’t five then.  Maybe.

Anyway – Mummy asked if I’d like to run a poll to see who we should get to be the next social media guru.  It’s getting to be a long list of those of us who’ve been authors on the site – you can see the list and their last posts down below.  The choices are, of course, between Midge and Oscar (both 1.75 years old) and Percy (about 2.5 years old).  Percy and Oscar live downstairs and Midge lives upstairs next to me.

Please vote, and I’ll post the answers next week (or maybe the week after).

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