New year without Dougall

It’s very quiet here, which is surprising really, since Mr Percy is a great wheeker, especially if Mummy rustles anything.  You wouldn’t think it would be so different without Dougall, since he was very quiet.  Although if he thought something was going on and he was missing out, he would wheek very loudly.  We reckoned he didn’t know how loud he was because he was deaf.  I think it’s quiet because Dylan is very down-hearted.  We’re trying to keep his spirits up, but he doesn’t want to know.  Mummy reports he is eating normally and his weight is the same, so that’s good.

Mr Percy and Oscar seem to be making friends during floor time.  Mummy wonders whether they could actually move in together.  She asked me how I would feel about Dylan coming up to live next to me, and Midge go downstairs again.  I think that would be okay.  Dylan and I have had lots of conversations over the years; I think he’d be a good neighbour.  But would he want to leave the kitchen?  He’s always lived there, after all.  I think Mummy wants him here so he gets more time with her.  It’s nice having Mummy in our room most of the day, where we can see what she does.

Dylan isn’t ready to talk about Dougall’s life yet, so here are some photos of him.  He’s also in the sidebar, as we’ll be in mourning for him all month.

3 thoughts on “New year without Dougall

  1. Kevin, please tell Dylan I am mourning with him. Our household recently lost a loved one, too, and its okay to take time to grieve. It takes time to figure out where everybody fits in a space when someone is no longer there. we love you all. Toby and Momma Sabina

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    It’s important to keep an eye on Mummy; you never know what she’s up to.

    Dyl will pick up, I’m sure. Don’t tell Mummy I said this, but I think getting into a little mischief will do him a world of good. I know he’s good at mischief. See what you can arrange in that regard, Kev.

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