What a funny week!

It’s been a funny week because it’s been very noisy with wind and rain, then we had a very cold day and night.  And today we had fresh herbs and things from the garden, although they were funny too.  Oh, and we have some very funny pellets.  They should be the same Harrington’s Optimum as the previous bag (and all the ones we’ve had for years) but they’re HUGE and I don’t like them.  Mummy says she’s emailed the company in case there’s a mistake.

Mummy says its just a funny winter, and some of our wildflowers were growing, so we had dandelion leaves, clover, vetch and wild oregano.  We didn’t have much of any of them, except the oregano, as Mummy wanted to cut it before the frosts come this week.  She says we were very lucky on Thursday because our heating broke down, but before the frosts came.  That’s why we had the hot light in our room.  Mummy calls it a halogen heater, but I call it a hot light because it\s a very bright light that helps warm the room up.  Anyway, she was very happy because the man came and fixed it on Friday.

I’m having a few problems with my private parts at present, and if you don’t mind, I’ll keep it private.  Mummy checks my bottom twice a day to see that it’s getting better.  It feels a lot better.  Mummy is very kind.

4 thoughts on “What a funny week!

  1. It was a very funny week last week, you’re right Kevin. And this morning I had an email back from Harringtons who confirmed they have made the pellets larger. They suggested I sent them a sample as it’s the same mix, so shouldn’t smell different.

    I’m glad your private bits were looking a little less swollen this morning ❤


  2. It’s been very funny here, too, Kev. We had forsythia blooming for a bit. Glad you’ve spiced up your diet with some fresh greens and to hear you’re getting better.


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