The Monday after Christmas

We had a nice Christmas.  Dylan asked me to take over the blog for a bit as he’s feeling very down.  It’s not a surprise, but I hope I can persuade him to take an interest in it soon, I think it will do him good.  Mummy’s sad that he’s sad, and sad because Dougall’s not here, of course.  I expect it was worse because the presents to and from Dylan were all marked “Dylan & Dougall”.

Anyway, Dylan and I both got new grassy tunnels, which is very nice and will last us a while, since there’s lots of grass to scrape off and eat.  The others all got a couple of treat sticks.  Midge spent the next half hour looking at my grassy tunnel, wondering where his new one was.  Well, they do say the grass is always greener.  His treat stick is yummy and I’d have liked one of those.  Here are the photos Mummy took of us getting our parcels and then trying out the contents.  I hope you had a happy Christmas and lots of nice things to eat.

2 thoughts on “The Monday after Christmas

  1. Auntie Dawn

    Merry Christmas, boys. I’m so sorry for the loss of Dougall. It’s a terrible thing to happen anytime; before Christmas is especially difficult. Love to Dyl and Mummy.

    Your Mummy sent the same sticks to my boys. Atticus was curious and very polite about them; his little brother needs to work on his manners. “Gimme!” Sigh.

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