Dougall – 27 Nov 2011 to 22 Dec 2015


As you will know, Dougall had been losing weight steadily since September, and in the last month his weight had plummeted.  We could find no reason for it, other than he had stopped eating, and whether he had mouth ulcers due to an empty tummy, or had them earlier and they made his tummy empty, we don’t know.  Last night he started breathing as if he had fluid in his lungs.  This morning he had lost even more weight, and was in distress, so we helped him across the Rainbow Bridge at 11 am.  I’m sure Victor and Humphrey and all the others were waiting to welcome him.

My sweet boy. Forever loved.

5 thoughts on “Dougall – 27 Nov 2011 to 22 Dec 2015

  1. Oh, Jemima, I am in tears. What a sad, sad thing to happen, at this time of year especially. I truly hope Dougal is having fun and eating well with those that left before him. Tears and hugs for you and Dylan and the rest of your clan…

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  2. Auntie Dawn

    Victor and Willoughby will be the first to greet him. I remember when you brought him and his brother home. It was the first time being an uncle for young Willoughby, who was so proud of himself.

    Wheek in peace, sweet Dougalicious. I’ll always remember the little peace of chocolate crumb cake you were as a baby, and the gentle boar you grew up to be. I’m glad I got a chance to smooch you in person. XOXO

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  3. Jemima Pett

    The best thing about writing is that all the boys – and girls – including Auntie Dawn’s Mariusz, Saku and Willoughby, will live on in their stories.
    Dougall has his own Reindeer Adventure in this year’s BookElves Anthology (volume 2). Love you, sweetheart ❤


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