It’s all gone very quiet

Mummy went out of the front door yesterday with her big blue bag.  That’s bad news.  She only takes her big blue bag when we’re going to be alone for some days.  She said Uncle Michael and Auntie Rosemary will be looking after us every day and Auntie Vikki will come in once or twice too.  Well, that’s very nice, and I like all of them very much, especially if they give me loads of food.

But Hector, Colman and Kevin aren’t here, and Midge is downstairs in Hector’s cage.  Mummy took the three of them for a holiday on Saturday.  She said they’d be back next Sunday.  It’s because they need medicines every day and it’s not fair to ask Auntie Rosemary to do medicines.  I hope they have a nice time on their holiday.  To be fair, Hector is so quiet we don’t know he’s gone.  He took his camouflage snugglesac and his tartan tunnel with him, and Colman took his  his snugglesac and his tent, since the pair of them snuggle up in that together in the garden.  Kevin went because he hasn’t been pooping.  Dr Sally will sort him out, I expect.  He took his grey tunnel and his purple snugglesac.

I’ve never had a holiday.  I’m deprived.


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