Kevin interviews Auntie Janet

Hi, Kevin here.  After I got over my tummy trouble I sent some interview questions to Auntie Janet and this is what she said.  I know it’s not as clever as Dylan’s interview, but I hope you like it anyway.
Dear Kevin
These are our interview answers, I hope you like them! Firstly, you should know that I live in the San Francisco Bay area with my piggies, and I’m a stay-at-home slave to them.  I guess your mom is a stay-at-home writer-slave, isn’t she?

K: That’s right, Auntie Janet! Who are your guinea pigs and what are their favourite things?

J: I have 2 guinea pigs. Kevin and Prudence. They are brother / sister. They were home-grown piggies and born on 1-20-2011 There favorite things are: corner tents created by using fleece…. They hide in and sleep in these tents at all times of the day. And they LOVE their water bottles. Prudence especially loves her water bottle. Which she affectionately calls: “Her Food Max Spring Water”… (Because you know ‘Food Max’ has a mountain with ‘spring water’ where they get their supply). Silly piggy.

K: Why did you become a guinea pig slave?

J: I became a guinea pig slave as an innocent. There I was… minding my own business… at a local Pet Store. Went in to buy goldfish food. Of course…. I can’t walk into a pet store without LOOKING at the guinea pigs. I went over to look. I asked an assistant…. Where are your guinea pigs? She said… We don’t have any? I said… What? NO Guinea Pigs? She said…. I take that back…. We have ONE guinea pig? I said…. Where? She said… In back…. He is in quarantine. I said…. Why? She said. Cause this piggy was a ‘drop off’. I said…. What does that mean? She said… When a family drops off a piggy…. We can’t sell it. We can ‘adopt it out’. You donate $5 and we will GIVE you a: cage, food, house, hay and anything else you may need. I asked to meet the pig. She brought out: (the original) Kevin. He was just so noisy and loud with his squeaks. I loved it! So I gave her my card and said call me when he is out of quarantine. Four days later, I was a PROUD owner of my first guinea pig (not including the ‘Fluffy’ — I had as a kid). Little did I know…. My life…. Just at that moment…. Changed Forever!! For the better….. much, much better. This original Kevin taught me the meaning of the word ‘Slave’. I would bring him veggies and hay… morning, noon and night…. and whenever… I was TRAINED to his squeal!! He was a GREAT first piggy.

K: That’s really clever of him, Auntie Janet.  We’ve got Mummy pretty well trained (well I think Fred, George and Hugo did that) but she’s clever enough to check whether we really mean it or not.  The funniest thing is when it’s cucumber time in the evening… but maybe I’ll tell you about that another time.  What do you like most about being a GP slave?

J: The best thing about being a GP slave is having a schedule. Kevin and Prudence wake up to a yummy distribution of hay, along with lettuce… followed by a vitamin C. ALL of these things are DELIVERED STRAIGHT to their individual rooms where they are trained to eat separately. (Although lately, Prudence has realized Kevin eats slower than her). Prudence!! Anyway, this ‘schedule’ continues onto lunch and dinner WITH snacks – in-between. And Mummy (aka: “The SLAVE” has to be QUIET…. during nap times). Sigh. And finally, ANOTHER best thing about being a GP slave is having multiple bibs. My mother-in-law sewed us SEVERAL jean bibs. We grab these every time we hold our piggies. They will collect any poo, hay, droppings, veggies…. and help if they decide to pee!! These are our survival bibs!! Couldn’t live without em.

K:  I think Mummy uses a towel instead of bibs.  Towels are lovely and cosy.  What favourite memories do you have of your guinea pigs?
J: A favorite memory is… My video of Kevin and Prudence enjoying my home-grown wheat grass. It was my FIRST pick of the season…. Enjoy!!

K: Gosh!  Moving pictures!  I wonder if Mummy has any of me?  Tell us a secret that we promise not share with anyone except readers of the blog. 😉
J: I’ve tried GP kibble… and I LIKE it!!

Wow!  That was a really super secret!  Thank you ever so much, Auntie Janet, for being our first interviewee (apart from Mummy)
Kevin xxx

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